Parent guide to Reading

'Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible.’ Barack Obama

Our Approach

At Helena Romanes School, we are committed to developing a life-long love of reading in our pupils - and ensuring that they learn to read for both pleasure and purpose with confidence and fluency.

Our curriculum and learning environment is rich with language - both oral and written, and provides continuous opportunities for children to learn, practise, apply and improve their oracy and reading skills.

However, learning to read involves more than just reading! Sharing stories, reciting poems and singing songs and rhymes will also help to develop children's vocabulary and language comprehension while building their understanding of the world around them.

Reading at Home - Practise makes Progress

Regular and consistent reading at home will enable your child to practise and apply the skills we have taught in school. Beyond that, there are a wealth of benefits to reading with your child:

  • Supports cognitive development
  • Improves language skills
  • Developing a special bond with your child
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves imagination and creativity
  • Cultivates a lifelong love of reading


Our Expectations: 5 Steps to Success
We use our reading records to log reading activity, track progress and share success! 

  1. Practise reading daily - 5 x per week
  2. Listen to your child read for 5 - 10 minutes each day
  3. Log each read in your reading record
  4. Share comments and feedback
  5. Read to your child - they will learn so much from your example


Our Favourite Five!

There are so many amazing resources for supporting your child’s reading - here are some of our favourites:

Storyteller videos | Oxford Owl

Help your child learn to read - CBeebies

Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Children's books and reading tips | BookTrust


If you need any support, help or guidance in reading with your child, please ask. We are here to help, and together we can make a difference.