School Uniform & Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment

Students should come to school prepared each day with the following equipment:

  • Pens (2 minimum)
  • Pencils (2 minimum)
  • Green Pen
  • Highlighter Pen
  • Glue Stick
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Reading Book

School Uniform

To help all students to develop a sense of pride in their appearance and to establish good standards of dress, work and behaviour, we believe the wearing of the correct school uniform is important.

The Trutex brochure for 2023-24 is available, to download here, and at the bottom of this page.

Pre-loved Uniform
At HRS we are very aware of the environmental effects we have on our planet.  We try hard to recycle, re-use and refurbish where possible and our uniform is a prime example.  We offer a  selection of quality pre-loved uniform which is available from our online store, the link to which can be found here.  Please be aware that if you are ordering uniform over the summer holidays this may take a little longer due to staff absences.  You will receive an email when your order is ready for collection.

For students in all year groups as and when they need to change their uniform because they have grown out of it:

Compulsory Optional Choose

Burgundy blazer with embroidered badge

Year 7 only (Sept '24 intake): green colour bar

Current Year 7 only (Sept '23 intake) : yellow colour bar

White shirt

HRS school tie

Black formal shoes
Low heeled and sensible styled in the interests of safety - leather or leather effect (heels no higher than 4cm) - no trainers, plimsolls, open-toed or boots. No trainers, particularly Nike Air Force 1s.

Plain black/navy socks/ankle socks


Plain black/navy or natural tights

HRS School jumper

Outdoor coat
An anorak is recommended as it can be worn over the blazer. Denim, leather jackets, sweatshirts of any kind, and hoodies must not be worn

Grey trousers from the following approved retailers:

- Boys/Girls trousers from Jacks/Trutex

- Boys/Girls trousers in regular or slim fit from Marks and Spencer


HRS plaid kilt

For students in Year 7
For students in Years 8-11 needing to replace PE uniform when they have grown out of it.

Compulsory Optional

HRS technical Sports Polo (maroon/black)

Plain black shorts from the following approved retailers:

  • Jacks/Trutex
  • Marks and Spencer unisex sports school shorts

HRS maroon sports socks/white sports socks

Trainers (not converse)

Swimming shorts/trunks/swimsuit - any colour

HRS mid-layer

HRS track pant

HRS leggings

Please note that only badged HRS tops/track pants and leggings are allowed. No other un-logo items are permitted

Football boots (especially if your son/daughter is going to come to extra-curricular clubs and wants to play football/rugby for the school).

Astro-turf football boots

Uniform may be purchased from:
Jacks of Dunmow: 19-21 High Street, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 1AB
Tel: 01371 876039

Trutex Direct
Tel. . 0844 844 9945, 7 days a week

You will need to use School Code: LEA00474SC.

We would ask parents to ensure that students avoid wearing fashion accessories and that hairstyles are conservative. In addition, girls in Years Seven, Eight and Nine should not wear make-up and we ask that jewellery be limited to one ring and plain stud earrings.

By applying to attend Helena Romanes School, parents/carers and students agree to adhere to our uniform code; no other clothing may be worn. If parents/carers have any financial difficulties in this matter, then please contact the school.

Uniform is to be purchased only from authorised suppliers. Alternatives are not acceptable.

Uniform must be worn in full and correctly at all times, including in lessons, and to and from school whether on a school or public bus, walking or using another means of transport. Blazers and ties may be removed when playing outside during morning break or lunch break but must be put back on when entering the school buildings. Blazers may only be removed during lessons with the express permission of the teacher in a particular lesson and must be put back on when leaving that classroom.

For the avoidance of doubt, wearing the uniform correctly means that blazer sleeves must not be rolled or pushed up, shirt sleeves must not be rolled or pushed up, shirts must be tucked in, kilts must not be shortened or rolled up, all shirt buttons must be done up; modifications to the uniform are not acceptable. Kilts are available in two lengths: 20 (twenty) inches and 22 (twenty-two) inches; the appropriate length must be worn. Students taller than 5’4” will be expected to wear the longer length; skirts must not be shortened in any way.


Please see the letter below which has been sent to parents and carers on 19/10/22 outlining the revisions to our school uniform from September 2023.