Our Ethos & Values


Our mission is to be a local school of
exceptional quality


Our SCHOOL Values:


Helena Romanes School

We want our students to:

  • Have ambition for themselves and strive for excellence in all they do

  • Be kind to one another, show empathy and understand the value of altruism

  • Have respect for all members of the school, the wider community and for the environment 

  • Show resilience, tackling challenges with determination whilst seeing setbacks as opportunities

  • Be broadminded and consider different points of view with empathy and understanding

  • Be independent and know how to organise themselves and manage their learning effectively  

Our ethos is to:

  • Provide a high quality educational experience in which all students are supported to make excellent progress

  • Build a culture where staff are constantly looking to develop their practice in order to provide students with the best educational experience possible

  • Have a culture of high expectations for all students in which we inspire excellence and encourage students to have ambition for what they can achieve and what they will become

  • Teach and practise the value of kindness, looking for opportunities to model and celebrate this within the school and wider community 

  • Teach and practise the value of respect, modelling good manners and respect for our environment

  • Build resilience in our students by giving them the tools to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks and manage their emotional wellbeing

  • Create an inclusive school that respects diversity and teaches students to be broadminded

  • Give students the tools and opportunities to be independent

  • Provide students with a range of enriching opportunities, both within the school and beyond the school gates, that inspire them to reach further, reach higher and broaden their horizons