Academic Support

Sixth Form academic support programme 

The Sixth Form Support Policy is in place to support Tutors and Teachers who are concerned about the progress or conduct of a student.

The Sixth Form Support Policy should be used in the following circumstances:

  • Concerns with student progress
  • Concerns with attendance affecting student progress
  • Failure to submit coursework
  • Poor attitude in class, form or around the school

Actions taken to support students:

  • Extra supervised study sessions applied to student timetables
  • Subject specific intervention work set
  • Additional tutor mentoring sessions
  • Tutor support with time management and organisation


  • Students receiving support will lose period 5 privilege
  • Review of student suitability to Level 3 course(s) in conjunction with all major stakeholders will take place

Reviewing a Student on the Policy

  • Progress will be reviewed fortnightly.  Sixth Form Tutor will email staff directly to determine if progress towards target(s) identified on personalised student support plan has/have been made
  • The student must move upwards or downwards on the policy as a result of the review
  • In the event that the student causes concern within the two weeks, please inform the Head of Sixth For and the student will move up the levels

Support Plan Levels

The Sixth Form support plan is a supportive intervention with students academic performance. It is not a punishment but a way of motivating and supporting the student to get back on track. 

Level 1:

  • Student spoken to by member of staff
  • Sixth Form Tutor informed - Targets set in 1-1 tutor time.
  • Tutor informs Mrs Wright (for tracking purposes only)

Level 2:

  • Meeting with Teacher, Student, HOF/HOD, Sixth Form Tutor
  • Head of Sixth Form informed of outcome (outcome tracked)
  • Parent spoken to by member of staff/HOF/HOD

Level 3:  

  • Parent spoken to by Sixth Form Tutor
  • Meeting with Head of Sixth Form, Parent and Student (outcome tracked

Level 4:

  • Parent spoken to by Head of Sixth Form
  • Meeting with Director of Sixth Form, Head of Sixth Form, Parent and Student (outcome tracked)