Dear Parents and Carers

I am sure that many of you will still be taking in the sad news of the death of our Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  

I wanted to write and update you on what we have done so far as a school, and what we plan to do over the next week.  As you know, the country is now in a 10 day period of mourning.  Details of the funeral are yet to be announced but we know that this will take place in 10-11 days.  During this time, schools will remain open.  The day of The Queen's funeral will be considered a national holiday.  I will, of course, write to you early next week to update you on this and how we plan to follow guidance on national events.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the statement I asked tutors in the secondary phase to read to their forms this morning:

Dear students and staff

By now, you will have heard of the death of our Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  This is a sad and historic day for our country and we join in sympathy as a community in celebrating her life.  Our thoughts are with her family at this time.  The Queen was our longest reigning monarch, with 15 different UK Prime Ministers serving during her reign.  She was respected around the world and her influence helped build the nation we are today.  The Queen was admired for her strong sense of duty and determination to dedicate her life to her throne and her people.  

Next week, we will be devoting assemblies to reflect on the Queen and her reign, marking the end of the Elizabethan era.  Students and staff will have the opportunity to write messages of condolence and our student leaders will consider how else, as a school community, we can mark her reign.

As per my statement to students, I will be leading assemblies next week on The Queen's life and her influence in this country and around the world.  I believe it is important for students, regardless of their individual beliefs about the monarchy, to understand the historic significance of her reign.  We also plan to create an area in the school hall for students to post messages of reflection or condolence.  I have asked our student leaders to consider how else the student body might mark this significant moment. 

In the primary phase, teachers have discussed the news with children in class today, in an age appropriate way. They have discussed what The Queen accomplished during her reign and shared photographs of her over the years. Next week they will work together to create a display celebrating her life and her numerous achievements.

Finally, I would like to end this message with a quotation from a 14-year old Princess Elizabeth, from her broadcast to the children of the Commonwealth in October 1940: “And when peace comes, remember it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place”.  More than ever, her words have resonance for the wonderful students of our school.

Best wishes,

Ms Davis