Year 8 Virtual Options Evening 2021

Welcome to our Virtual Year 8 Options Evening. 

Tonight is the first opportunity in your school career where you are able to make choices about some of the subjects you will study. It is important that you spend time thinking carefully about your selection. There are so many fantastic subjects to choose from, but you need to make sure you pick subjects that you are going to enjoy and will be successful in.  

Although we are unable to meet face to face, we hope that the videos staff have created- along with the advice and guidance from the recent virtual parents’ evenings-will give you enough information to make an informed choice about your options for next year.  

To begin the evening, please watch Mrs Cook’s introductory presentation below and then spend time exploring the videos of the subjects you think you may be interested in.

Last week you were sent a copy of the options booklet, which can also be found here.  The instructions for selecting your options through our online system are available through this link as well as in the email from Mrs Hennessy.

We hope that the videos will answer any questions you may have, but please contact if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Miss E Colton
Deputy Headteacher

Subject information videos:

Art, Craft & Design GCSE – Mrs Duke
Biology GCSE – Mr Dilley
Business Studies GCSE – Mrs Snelling
Chemistry GCSE – Mrs Greaves-Park
Child Development Cambridge National Certificate – Mrs Cook
Computer Science GCSE – Mr Hore
Creative iMedia Cambridge National Certificate – Mr Hore
Dance GCSE – Mrs Judd
Design & Technology (Textiles) GCSE – Mrs Lamb
Design & Technology (Timber-based) GCSE – Mr Savill
Drama GCSE – Mrs Stewart
English GCSE – Mr Burrows
Enterprise & Marketing Cambridge National Certificate – Mrs Snelling
Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE – Mrs Joubert
French and Spanish GCSE – Mrs Roy
Geography GCSE – Mrs Withers
Health & Social Care Cambridge National Certificate – Mrs Cook
History GCSE – Mrs Duckworth
Physics GCSE – Mr Ingram
Maths GCSE – Mr Birss
Media Studies GCSE – Mrs Stewart
Music GCSE – Mr Charalambous
Performing Arts BTEC Award – Mr Gair
Physical Education GCSE – Miss Booth
Sport Science Cambridge National Certificate – Miss Booth
Religion, Philosophy & Life GCSE – Miss White