Year 11 Key Stage 5 Bridging Work 2021

A Level bridging work, June 2021 onwards

You have been set A Level bridging work by our Sixth Form staff so that:

  1. You can prepare yourselves for the academic challenge of Sixth Form study;
  2. You can experience learning activities in your chosen subjects;
  3. You can gauge the level of difficulty and challenge across your chosen subjects;
  4. You can demonstrate your strengths and areas for development to your teachers.

All subject specific work is available for you to download below.

The bridging work should be submitted to the relevant A Level subject teachers. They will provide instructions in their subject-specific google classroom to which you have been invited. Some work may need to be handed-in at your first timetabled A Level lesson, next September.

Useful Information to support your A Level bridging work, June 2021 onwards

One of the most important factors in Sixth Form success is knowing what you want to do when you leave.  The higher your aspirations, the greater your focus and your desire to succeed.

The link below takes you to a brilliant website where you can find out about different careers and university options.

The site is very easy to navigate and you can find a wealth of information. The pre-16 and post-16 filters really help you make sure you have chosen the right subjects to study.

In Year 12 we will be using a digital platform called Unifrog to take you much further along your personalised journey of career and university options, applications and preparation for life beyond the Sixth Form.

For now, though, no preparation is ever wasted. Have a look at and open your eyes to the endless opportunities that await you.

Donna Wright
Head of Sixth Form



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