Jack Petchey Foundation

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to support young people aged 11-25 through programmes in schools and youth organisations. Since its formation over £65 million has been distributed.  The aim of the charity is to support projects to enable young people to achieve their potential and contribute to society.  Almost 2000 schools and clubs in London and Essex currently participate in the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme. Through this programme the achievements of over 70,000 young people have been recognised and rewarded through our Achievement Award Scheme.

See www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk for more information.

The Helena Romanes School is able to elect an award winner once a month (apart from December, July and August). Recipients of the award do not have to be best at sport, work or anything else, but they must have contributed to the school or local community in a significant way. Equally, Achievement Award Winners can be recognised for personal developments and positive personality traits.

Achievement Award Winners will receive:

  • A framed photograph
  • A pin badge
  • A boxed medallion
  • £250 to be spent on a school/community  project of their choice

Nominations can be made by students, parents or teachers on the specified yellow forms which can be found with the nomination boxes (one in the staff room and one in student reception) or collected from the main office.  A copy of the form can be viewed at the bottom of this page. All nominations for each month will go to Student Voice meeting on a monthly basis for them to discuss and decide who the winner will be.

For information regarding recent winners see below:

October 2018
Luke Stubbs was nominated by Ms Cheyne for “At a recent trip to London, a child fainted and was slipping in and out of consciousness; she lost feelings in her extremities. Luke worked closely with me to support the young lady. He made the phone call to the paramedics and took instruction on how to look after her until the paramedics arrived. He was calm and took instructions well. In addition to this, he gives of his own time each week to coach and mentor Year 11 football students preparing to partake in an international tournament in Sweden.”  Luke’s £250 award money will be used in the English faculty.

September 2018
Charlotte Clayden was nominated by Miss Gordon, Director of Learning for Year 8 for her act of kindness in the community.   While walking to school one morning in June Charlotte came across an elderly lady who had fallen over and whose arm was bleeding.   Charlotte stopped and called an ambulance, gave the lady some water and put her blazer around her to make her comfortable and keep her warm. She rang the lady’s relation and informed them of what had happened and then stayed with her until the ambulance came.  Charlotte £250 award money was used in the Maths department.

June 2018
Abbi Campbell-Brown was nominated by Miss Porter for her involvement in voluntary community work for the National Trust and is a highly involved member of the team; she has always been interested in nature.  Abbi has shown that she can: support a member of the team, contribute towards the community, attend extra-curricular clubs, learn a new skill, share her expertise, take on responsibilities, uphold a reputation and also have good personal presentation.  ‘A valued member of the NTEssex team, Abbi continues to grow in confidence and take the lead under varied circumstances in a variety of situations.  Abbi is eager to discuss new ideas and feedback, she is insightful beyond her years.’  Abbi has currently achieved her silver HRS award and is on the way to achieving gold.   Abbi has participated in a range of activities and events including ‘Castaway’- a 5 day project in Maldon and various events at Hatfield Forest.   Abbi is an extremely mature student, teachers frequently comment on how grown-up she is, how fantastically organised she is and how helpful she is too.   Abbi is a true role model for other students!  Abbi’s award money was used in the History department.

May 2018
Nancy Neave was nominated by a fellow student who has dyslexia for always being there for her and supporting her in and out of the classroom.  She has also achieved many gold, silver and bronze medals for swimming in the past year and came 1st and 2nd in a dance competition.  Nancy’s award money was used to purchase dance posters and displays.

April 2018
Ellie Field received her Jack Petchey Award for helping out in the Art department at break and lunch time.  She helps both the teacher with cleaning the classroom and ensuring it is ready for teaching, as well as helping students with their artwork.  Ellie’s award money was used to purchase photography equipment.

March 2018
Bryony Peters was nominated by Mrs Atkinson.  Following the loss of her brother Elliot, Bryony comforted students in Elliot’s year group and has continued to show dedication to her studies and has represented the school with dignity both in the press and in public helping to raise money for Great  Ormond Street Hospital.  Bryony’s award money was used to purchase equipment for the Personalised Learning Centre.

February 2018
Katie Houghton was nominated by Mr McLauchlan for creating a PowerPoint presentation and presenting the anti-bullying assembly to each year group. The award money was used to purchase Art equipment.

January 2018
Roseanna Davey was nominated by Mr McLauchlan for creating a PowerPoint presentation and presenting the anti-bullying assembly to each year group.  The award money was used to purchase a hydrogen car for the Chemistry department.

November 2017
Joshua Tyrell was nominated by fellow students for his achievement in directing the school production of Peter Pan and for giving his own time to help adapt the script for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Josh’s award money was used in the Drama department.

October 2017
Scarlett Fielding received her Jack Petchey Award for organising the ‘End it Movement’ assembly independently and speaking and presenting it.  Scarlett’s award money was used in the Drama department.

September 2017
Beth Abery, Year 12 was nominated by Mrs Stewart for helping out in her own time in the Drama department after she completed her GSCEs.   She was a positive role model for both girls and boys as she helped out the drama teachers with teaching.   She was a great asset to the team and helped to tidy up the  Drama office too!  Beth’s award money was used to purchase a video camera.

Jack Petchey Awards Evening – September 2017

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