Jack Petchey Foundation

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to support young people aged 11-25 through programmes in schools and youth organisations. Since its formation over £65 million has been distributed.  The aim of the charity is to support projects to enable young people to achieve their potential and contribute to society.  Almost 2000 schools and clubs in London and Essex currently participate in the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme. Through this programme the achievements of over 70,000 young people have been recognised and rewarded through our Achievement Award Scheme.

See www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk for more information.

The Helena Romanes School is able to elect an award winner once a month (apart from December, July and August). Recipients of the award do not have to be best at sport, work or anything else, but they must have contributed to the school or local community in a significant way. Equally, Achievement Award Winners can be recognised for personal developments and positive personality traits.

Achievement Award Winners will receive:

  • A framed photograph
  • A pin badge
  • A boxed medallion
  • £200 to be spent on a school/community  project of their choice

Nominations can be made by students, parents or teachers on the specified yellow forms which can be found with the nomination boxes (one in the staff room and one in student reception) or collected from the main office.  A copy of the form can be viewed at the bottom of this page. All nominations for each month will go to Student Voice meeting on a monthly basis for them to discuss and decide who the winner will be.

For information regarding recent winners see below:

March 2017
Kyle Johnson, Year 11 was nominated by Mrs Stewart for being part of the HRS tech crew for five years and being committed to all productions .  He is a positive role model even though he isn’t a Drama student.

Kyle split his award money between the Drama department and Business Studies department.

February 2017
Finn Copper, Year 10 was nominated by Mrs Duke for his passion and dedication to Art.  He creates phenomenal works of art in his own time and has begun to sell his work.  He is a very talented and dedicated artist.

Finn gave his £250 award money to the Art department.

January 2017
Alfie Pascoe, Year 10 was nominated by Mrs Gypps for giving up his free time to voluntarily assist the Site Team in various tasks during half term and after school.

Alfie gave his £250 award money to the Music department where it was used to buy keyboards for students to create their own music outside the curriculum time.

November 2016
Jeanri Burger, Year 11 was nominated by Mrs Judd for taking leadership for the choreography of the whole school production.  She not only excelled at this but also organised and ran practical performances on Open Morning.  Last year she took her AS Dance exam two years early and achieved high B Grades.

Jeanri gave her £250 award money to the Dance department where it was used to buy a Camcorder.

October 2016
Rosie Beanland, Year 10 was nominated by Miss Foulger as Rosie organised the HRS equestrian team and has competed in two school events winning 1st and 2nd place.  The team has qualified for the next round.

Rosie gave her £250 award money to the PE department where it was used to buy cricket stroke bats and posters .

September 2016
Joseph Geldard, Year 9 was nominated By Mrs Lamb for magnificent product design work both in and out of school in Textiles with his high quality bag he designed with complex detail and professional  outcome.   The Batik wax on sari length fabric took five hours to complete.  Excellent focus and outcome.

Joseph gave his £250 award money to the Drama department where it was used to buy a snake drum .

Jack Petchey Awards Evening – September 2017

Jack Petchey Awards’ Presentation Evening – September 2016

Dancers at Jack Petchey Awards’ Evening: September 2016

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