Special Education Needs

We recognise the importance of caring for every student in our learning community. We value the diversity within the school and provide care and support to enhance every child’s school experience. We recognise and respect that every student is different and support networks are in place to help every student reach their potential.

“Additional support for learning for students who need this is well organised and effective” Ofsted 2012

When students join The Helena Romanes School, an extensive liaison process is undertaken in order to collect as much information as possible to ensure their transition is seamless. Students who have received additional support at their previous school are placed on the school’s Special Education Needs (SEN) register. If required other students are added to the register upon transfer to aid their smooth transition. The school works closely with the Local Authority’s SEN, Children and Families Directorate to make sure students receive as much support as possible. The school continues to have strong links with the West Essex Behaviour Support Unit and our designated outreach worker. We also have links with the Ethnic Monitoring Service who have helped us develop packages for students with English as an Additional Language. Our links with the Children Support Services help students access education and learning.

Facilities to assist Access for Students with Disabilities

  1. All ground floor rooms are accessible for wheelchair users. Stair lifts are in place in most areas of the school to give access to the 1st and 2nd floors.
  2. All steps and changes of level on walkways are edged in yellow.
  3. A toilet/changing and shower area exists for wheelchair users.
  4. Timetables are adjusted to ensure that the allocation of rooms for teaching groups is appropriate to the needs of individual.
  5. The Senior Leadership Team monitors the provision and treatment of disabled students.

We ensure that all students are treated equally with respect to their special needs.