Religious Education

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPL) in Key Stage 3 covers ethical systems including the six world religions and a study of Humanism.  All beliefs and approaches to life are examined critically and open-mindedly.

The Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPL) full course in Key Stage 4 will now be taught as an option subject over three years with two exams to be taken in Year 11.  One exam concerns the religious beliefs and practices of Christianity and Buddhism and the other concerns how these beliefs are applied to ethical situations for example war and euthanasia. The student’s own opinion is equally as important for the examination. Current Year 10 and Year 9 students will take the examination at the end of Year 10.

A formal assembly is held in the hall on a weekly basis for each year group. Local clergy, representatives of various charities, and other speakers are invited to enhance the value of this important aspect of school life. The Christian values are regarded as important to a student’s personal development.

Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their children from Religious Education, or assemblies should contact the appropriate Director of Learning so that alternative arrangements can be made. A copy of the schemes of work followed in Religious Education is available from the Humanities office.