Religious Education

All students in Years 7 to 10 study R.E. In Key Stage 4 students follow a GCSE course in R.E. (Religion, Philosophy and Life). It leads to a whole qualification made up of two units. A few students take the Entry Level qualification. Religious Education is taught through to GCE A Level. Whilst taking a broad, non-sectarian approach, particular emphasis is placed upon an understanding of Christianity. The schemes of work adhere to the Essex Agreed Syllabus for RE and require two lessons a fortnight as well as homework.

A formal assembly is held in the hall on a weekly basis for each year group. Local clergy, representatives of various charities, and other speakers are invited to enhance the value of this important aspect of school life. The Christian values are regarded as important to a student’s personal development.

Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their children from Religious Education, or assemblies should contact the appropriate Director of Learning so that alternative arrangements can be made. A copy of the schemes of work followed in Religious Education is available from the Humanities office.