Pupil Premium

Disadvantaged Students

The Government introduced a new factor into funding for schools for those students classified as disadvantaged. This is a specific quantity of money allocated to a single student who has been in receipt of free school meals within the last six years or those who are or have been in care.

The aim of this specific funding is to close the attainment gap between these students and the rest of the school community and to encourage greater inclusion. It is for schools to decide how the disadvantaged funding is spent, since we are best placed to assess the individual needs of those students within our school.  Although we are free to spend the fund as we deem it appropriate, we are held accountable for how we have spent it and the impact that it has had on this group of students.

Interventions currently being used:

  • Extra tutor groups at KS4
  • Afterschool revision and coursework sessions
  • Lunchtime revision and coursework sessions
  • Alternative education provision
  • Extra sets in English, maths and science
  • Additional LSA support
  • Use of staff mentors
  • Peer lunchtime support
  • Foreign language assistant support
  • One to one tuition
  • Education Welfare Officer support for attendance issues
  • Early bird reading club
  • External support such as The Respect Project
  • Helping parents in difficulty to purchase school uniform
  • Helping students to participate in school trips
  • Helping students to participate in activities that they would otherwise not be able to afford such as learning a musical instrument
  • Increased tracking by tutor/teacher resulting in finer planning for progression
  • Support for literacy and numeracy
  • Support for The Lexia Reading Support programme
  • The appointment of additional support in English and Maths in Years 7 and 8

These interventions were costed as follows:

English Intervention LSA Support yr 7 and 8 small group 3 to 5 – nurture group        20,609
Literacy & Numeracy Days          6,510
Maths Intervention LSA Support small group intervention 3 6 pupils – nurture group        20,609
Wave Provisions per student        46,148
Alternative Provision          5,000
Literacy Support – Whole School          1,000
Numeracy Support          2,525
Additional Tutor Groups – English and maths intervention        20,160
Revision Sessions          2,250
Homework Club          8,150
The Lexia Reading Support Programme          2,239
Music Tuition          1,100
Subsistence/Travel/Clothing/Courses/Resources             272
Trips             575
Prom Tickets             199
Total Spend 137,346
Total Awarded 120,000
Yr 7 Catchup 13,873
Additional Spend 3,473

We ensure that every class teacher in addition to Heads of Faculty and Directors of Learning are actively engaged with these students on a daily basis to ensure that every method of intervention provided for this group of students has its maximum outcome. Regular analysis of attainment and progress data at class, faculty, year and whole school level is linked to a menu of fully tracked, individualised interventions to help such students achieve their potential. Equally, middle leaders use this information to ensure that any PPI students who are not achieving their potential can be quickly identified and supported through appropriate intervention.