Key Stage 5 Subject List

GCE Art GCE Maths
GCE Biology Level 3 Certificate in Maths in Context
GCE Business Studies GCE Media
GCE Chemistry GCE Music
GCE Computer Science GCE Photography
GCE Dance GCE Physics
GCE Drama GCE Philosophy
GCE Economics GCE Psychology
GCE English Language GCE Sociology
GCE English Literature GCE Textiles
Diploma in Financial Studies BTEC Applied Science
GCE French BTEC Business Studies
GCE Geography BTEC Health & Social Care
GCE History BTEC Sports
GCE Law BTEC Travel & Tourism

In addition to studying their core aims (i.e. students’ selected Level 2 or 3 subjects), students’ study programmes also include work experience and a range of other, non-qualification activities that support them to progress to further or higher education (HE) or to employment.   Students who have attained below a grade 4 in English and/or mathematics also study for either or both of these qualifications.