Modern Foreign Languages

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a highly valued skill and much sought after, currently, by employers. A language qualification, be it GCSE or A Level, leads to opportunities for a better and more rewarding quality of life and often a higher salary than an equivalent job without a language skill. Many businesses value language skills to help them with their trade in the UK and overseas – only 6% of the world’s population have English as their first language and 75% of the world’s population does not understand a single work of English! Studying a language will enable the learner to acquire a range of unique skills which may not be found in other subjects.

Other information about the faculty
In the MFL Faculty at HRS all students have the opportunity to learn French and Spanish from the beginning of Year 7. By Christmas in Year 7 students are set broadly according to their ability. At the end of Year 7 further refining and preferences allow for the most able to continue with both languages, whilst other students continue with one. Students regularly exceed their target levels at the end of KS3.

Many students choose a language to complement other EBacc subjects. Universities and businesses realise that a language qualification is evidence of hard work and commitment by students. The GCSE course is divided between the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It covers topics from media and culture, sport and leisure, travel and tourism, work and employment and the world of business. Students are mentored regularly to check progress and address underachievement.

The Faculty is also able to offer French and Spanish at AS and A Level. These courses build upon the foundations laid at GCSE and develop proficiency and fluency. In recent years many of our students have gone on to Higher Education to student degrees in subjects such as:

  • Geography with Spanish
  • History of Art with Spanish
  • International Law with French and Spanish
  • Global Finance and Economics with French
  • Fashion Marketing with French
  • International Marketing with Spanish

Our teaching aims to be engaging and staff are happy to spend time with students outside the lesson to support, develop and extend the students level of proficiency. Expectations are consistently enforced and very few students have Faculty detentions.

MFL classes take place in D Block where classrooms have interactive whiteboards and visualisers. Other classrooms have access to wireless notebooks.

Students may take part in trips abroad.


Staff Names Staff  Titles
Mrs N Graves Head of MFL & Spanish / School Led Teacher Training / Spanish / French
Mrs M Aldous Spanish and French / Director of PPG student achievement/rewards
Mrs V Newell French and Spanish
Mrs S Roy French and Spanish / Head of French
Ms S Winchester French and Spanish


Modern Foreign Languages

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