The Mathematics Faculty is a creative and successful Faculty within the school which has achieved scores consistently  always above the national average for a core subject.

In the Mathematics Faculty we set our students early in Year 7 so that we can provide stimulation and support for students of all abilities. This allows for extension for the able and support for our smaller nurture groups at Key Stage 3. We are now follow the White Rose curriculum in Year 7 that many of our feed schools use which adds to a smoother transition between primary and secondary mathematics.

Students follow the New 9-1 GCSE Maths curriculum which includes, Number – Algebra – Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change – Geometry and Measures – Probability and Statistics. Students are assessed against Key Objectives appropriate to their expected target grades on a regular basis including overall assessments  to ensure that they are progressing at an expected rate. We monitor student progress and provide intervention to provide support where necessary. We also have online support for students which provides homework and videos for study to help encourage students to become independent learners.

At GCSE, the Mathematics Faculty prepares students to sit the EDEXCEL exam which involves one non-calculator and two calculator papers (worth 80 marks each). Students either follow the Higher or Foundation Syllabus depending on their target grades, in an attempt to achieve or exceed their target levels. Students start their GCSE studies in Year 9 with a view to sit their Exam at the end of Year 11 when KS4 completes. In Year 11, students focus on exam skills with frequent feedback and analysis.

At A-level, we are now running the new curriculum which is over two years and includes Pure Mathematics and elements of Statistics and Mechanics.  There will be three exams at the end of second year although throughout the two years progress will be monitored to support students.

We also offer a new maths in context qualification in Year 12/13 which involves the practical use of Mathematics.  Students will look at real life scenarios and how they can apply statistics, probability, linear programming or sequences and growth analysis to those scenarios.

Staff Names Staff  Titles
Mr B Birss Head of Maths
Mr D Allum Maths / KS3 Co-ordinator / Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mr N Foster Deputy Headteacher / Maths / Outcomes/Curriculum
Ms W Gordon Maths / Head of Year 11
Mr C Cummings Maths
Mr C Dilley Assistant Headteacher / STEM / Maths
Miss N Hiscox Maths / Numeracy catch-up / G&T Coordinator
Mr T James Maths / RSL KS4
Mrs A Glodowska Cover Supervisor / Maths
Miss G Bacon Maths
Miss J Pavlou Maths