Extended Learning/SEND

Extended Learning/SEND

To contact Mrs Helen Johnston, Head of Extended Learning/SEND please telephone Ext. 231 or email hjohnston@hrs.education.

The Extended Learning Faculty’s work revolves around supporting those students who have a range of additional needs, throughout their school career. The faculty consists of Mrs Johnston, Head of Extended Learning, Mrs Smith (Lead LSA for academic monitoring) and the Learning Support Assistants, who work together to create relevant support packages of intervention and guidance.

Primary Transition

As part of the Primary induction programme the Faculty works with the Director of Learning for Year 7 to gather relevant information from Primary Schools. This is to prepare the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Register as well as collect any details of students who are looked after. This allows the school to make appropriate arrangements or contact relevant agencies to ensure continuing support at secondary school.

Support work

The Faculty works in a variety of ways. We run small groups of withdrawal sessions for some students with very weak literacy and numeracy. We also have an in-class support programme which focuses on assisting students to access the curriculum as well as encouraging the students to be as independent as possible. We talk to relevant teaching staff about suitable and appropriate teaching methods. Staff can access One Plans for students which contain the student’s key hopes and aspirations as well as strategies. These are drawn up for those on Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) or higher additional needs via the Google drive and via SIMS.

We run early bird reading sessions and handwriting in registration for key students.

In addition, we can assess students for Exam Access Arrangements in Key Stage 4 as needed. This would be based on a clear criteria of SEN needs. This process is via the Director of Learning and the SENCO in the first instance.


The Faculty links with many outside agencies such as Essex County Council’s Statutory Assessment Department; Children’s Support Service, Speech and Language, Looked After with Virtual Schools, Educational Psychologists and EWMHS.  This is to ensure that relevant information is circulated and appropriate intervention is put into place.


The Faculty works hard to develop links with parents and will liaise with Directors of Learning or the Personalised Learning Centre as part of those links. We encourage parents to visit the school prior to transition and to be involved in the review of their child’s One Plan.   All students with Educational Health Care Plans have an allocated key worker from the support team and they are encouraged to build up contact with parents. Along with the key workers, Mrs Amari and Mrs Withers support the delivery and review of the One Plans as well. Regular links with school and home have shown to be most productive in helping students develop and progress at school.

Homework club

We also run a successful homework club every lunch time in the Extended Learning room which is available for all students. It is staffed by the support team dedicated to guiding students with their homework with access to the school’s intranet, internet and ‘SHOW MY HOMEWORK’ and human support when needed. 

Facilities to assist Access for Students with Disabilities

  1. All ground floor rooms are accessible for wheelchair users.  Stair lifts are in place in most areas of the school to give access to the 1st and 2nd floors.
  2. All steps and changes of level on walkways are edged in yellow.
  3. Disabled facilities are available on the ground floor in A and C block and E block for wheelchair users.
  4. Timetables can be adjusted to ensure that the allocation of rooms for teaching groups is appropriate to the needs of individuals in the case of physical mobility issues.
  5. The Senior Leadership Team monitors the provision and treatment of disabled students.
Staff Names Staff  Titles
Mrs H Johnston Head of Extended Learning – SENDCO
Mrs J Dix KS3 Literacy interventions LSA
Mrs H Pemberton KS4 English focus classroom LSA and KS4 catch up English interventions
Miss Z Lennox KS3 Numeracy interventions LSA
Mrs S Sarjeant KS4 Science focus classroom LSA and KS4 catch up Science interventions
Mrs J Smith Senior learning Support Assistant leading on Transition, admin and exams access arrangements
Mrs J Warner Transition, admin and exams access arrangements LSA
Mrs C Frasi Wellbeing LSA
Mrs C Hamilton Learning Support Assistant
Mr F Preston KS4 Maths focus classroom LSA and KS4 catch up interventions
Mrs R WIlson LSA for the Visually Impaired
Ms L Beaney LSA for the Visually Impaired


Extended Learning Faculty