‘Aspiration for all’ puts learning and teaching at the heart of our department.  We believe that there is no such thing as a glass ceiling and thus, whilst we know working towards targets are an important step in the learning process, every student and every teacher aims for the stars.

We foster an environment where curiosity is nurtured; learning is celebrated and success is enjoyed by all.

Our curriculum is tailor-made to interest, inspire and challenge our students by our dedicated KS3, KS4 and KS5 co-ordinators.  Lessons across all keystages stretch all abilities and offer a balance of content and necessary skills.  Our lessons are dynamic, challenging and engaging and thus foster good progress for all as was proven when Ofsted rated our department’s teaching to be consistently ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’.

Small nurture groups are taught as part of our personalised curriculum.  Our KS3 Intervention Manager oversees extra-curricular groups which aim to both support students who might find English challenging but also to stretch and develop students as part of an exciting extension programme.

Needless to say, reading is at the core of our English community.  Students have dedicated library lessons where they all partake in the Accelerated Reading Programme which is a fun, incentive-based reading scheme specifically matched to each student’s ability.  Reading, allows students to develop and refine their understanding of the world, grow their empathy for others and provides a life-time membership to the global community of books.

At Key Stage 3, intervention lunchtime support lessons are offered to students who are narrowly missing their target grade and who need some support to enable them to reach their full potential.  In addition intervention resource packs are issued to students when appropriate to give them more practice in reading and writing skills. This style of intervention has a significant impact on students’ attainment and 90% of students improve with this approach.  Throughout this process parents are informed so that they are able to support their sons and daughters in progressing academically.

Year upon year our students leave the school, not only with a sense of achievement (as reflected in our consistently impressive results), but with a firm sense of confidence in their ability to independently enter a competitive world firmly equipped with the necessary communication skills needed in order to continue enjoying success.

Staff Names Staff  Titles
Miss V Cheyne Head of English
Mr C Allom English / Raising Achievement Leader for KS4
Ms J Piper English
Mrs R Marsh English / KS3 Coordinator
Mr T Bousfield English
Miss D Miles English / Year 9 Curriculum Designer
Ms A Smith English
Ms G Davies English
Ms R Churchman English
Mr S Hogan SCITT


English Faculty

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