English at HRS

The priority of English at HRS is to ensure students meet their full potential. No matter the starting point, students are challenged and supported to develop their skills and knowledge of the curriculum. Alongside this, they are given opportunities to develop their confidence and competence in reading, writing and verbal communication.

Key Stage 3

Students are given the opportunity to be creative and to enjoy English within the framework of a curriculum designed to challenge all. The aim is for them to develop a range of new skills which will prepare them for the rigour GCSE study.

The study of literature is geared toward giving the students a good grounding in: the works of Shakespeare, Victorian fiction, the appreciation of poetry and modern prose.

Whereas, the study of language will ensure students are able to plan and produce an effective piece of writing in timed conditions. An emphasis will be placed on students using a broad vocabulary, structuring for impact on the reader and the use of a range of sentence structures. The students will be equipped with a range of reading strategies to enhance the understanding and interpretation of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Key Stage 4

For the English Literature and English Language GCSE, students will follow the AQA specification. The texts studied will be:

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
GCSE English Literature, Past and present: poetry anthology, Cluster 2: Power and Conflict

Staff Names Staff  Titles
Mr James Burrows Head of English
Mrs E Gillard Second in English
Mr C Allom English / Raising Achievement Leader for KS4 / RSL KS3
Miss K Just English
Mrs H Bond English
Mr T Bousfield English
Ms A Braybrooke English
Ms A Smith English
Ms G Davies English / Food Prep / Careers Coordinator