See below for details of our teaching and support staff.

Teaching Staff and Learning Support Assistants

Mr S Knight Headteacher
Mr N Foster Deputy Headteacher / Maths / Assessment
Mr S Emberton Assistant Headteacher / Lead Child Protection / PE
Mr L Cooke Assistant Headteacher / Business Studies
Mrs L Evans-Barlow Business Manager
Mr S McLauchlan Senior Leader / Student Welfare Manager / Science
Mrs D Wright Head of Sixth Form
Mrs K Hennessy SLT Secondment for 1 year
Miss V Cheyne Head of English
Mr C Allom English / Raising Achievement Leader for KS4
Ms J Piper English
Mrs R Marsh English / KS3 Coordinator
Mrs A Smith English
Mr T Bousfield English
Miss D Miles English / Y9 Curriculum Designer
Miss G Davies English / Y10 Curriculum Designer
Ms R Churchman English
Mr S Hogan SCITT
Mrs S Stewart Head of Drama and Media Studies and teaching Finance
Mr S Gair Drama, Media responsibility for VCERT performing arts and Maths
Mrs C Pollard Drama / History
Mrs L Judd Dance
Miss A Lennox SCITT
Mr B Birss Head of Maths
Mr C Vince Second in Faculty / Assessment Coordinator
Mr D Allum Maths / KS3 & Numeracy Co-ordinator
Miss W Gordon Director of Learning – Year 8 / Maths
Mr C Cummings Maths
Mr J Pagan Maths
Miss N Hiscox Head of Girls PE / Maths / G&T Coordinator
Mr T James Director of Learning – Year 11 / Boys’ PE / Maths
Ms T Foulger Director of Learning – Year 7 / PE / Maths
Miss V Bennett SCITT
Mrs H Greaves-Park Head of Science / Head of Chemistry
Mr B Routledge Head of Physics
Head of Biology
Mr S McLauchlan Science / Student Welfare Team Manager/Senior Leader
Mrs K Pettit Science
Miss J Carter Science
Mr B Fazal Science NQT
Mr T Millard Science
Mr S Lill Science NQT
Mr S Hines SCITT
Mrs J Duke Head of Art / Photography / Art and Design
Mrs T Keens Art and Design
Mrs C Hamilton Art and Photography Technician
Mrs L Withers Joint Head of Geography / Travel & Tourism
Mrs C Armari Joint Head of Geography
Miss F Gardner Geography
Mr N Wilcox Geography / Director of Learning Yr 9
Mr D McGrath Religion, Philosophy and Life (RPL)
Miss C Duckworth Head of History
Mrs L Tew History
Miss L Thompson History (maternity leave)
Mrs C Duckworth Head of History
Mrs C Axe Head of Religion, Philosophy and Life (RPL)
Ms C O’Neill History / Joint Literacy Coordinator
Mr E Jankovskis History NQT (maternity cover)
Mr F Iyase Head of ICT and Computing
Mrs B Kuhnell ICT and Computing
Mrs V Newell Head of Spanish / French / Spanish
Mrs S Roy Head of French / French / Spanish
Mrs M Aldous Spanish / French / Director of PPG student achievement/rewards
 Mrs S Winchester French / Spanish
Mr P Charalambous Head of Music
Miss L Booth Head of PE
Miss A Diss PE
Miss N Hiscox PE / Head of Girls PE / Maths / G&T Coordinator
Mr T James Director of Learning Year 11 / Student Voice / Boys’ PE
Ms T Foulger Director of Learning Year 7 / PE / Maths
Mr C Wilkins Director of Learning Year 10 /  PE
Mr S Figg PE / Head of Boys PE
Mrs J Carrigan Head of Law and Politics
Mr J Farry Sociology / Psychology
Mrs D Wright Head of Psychology / Head of Sixth Form / SLT
Mrs H Witty Economics / Curriculum
Mrs C Joubert Head of Technology / Food Technology / Textiles
Mrs E Murray Food Technology / KS3 Coordinator
Mrs N Lamb Head of Product Design / Food and Textiles
Mr J Wootten Product Design
Mr R Townsend Design Technology
Mrs S Gray Food / Textiles technician
Mr N Beckwith Product Design technician
Mr S Hector Head of Employment and Enterprise
Mr L Cooke Business Studies / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs B Curran Health and Social Care and Child Development
Miss A Snelling Business Studies / Second in Sixth Form
Mr C MacLeod Business Studies
Mrs V Middleton Sams Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Co-ordinator
Ms P Jackson Head of Extended Learning – SENCO and CLA Coordinator
Ms A Caiger Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Dix Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Henderson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Hoy Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Lawson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Davis Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Pemberton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Sarjeant Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Smith Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Warner Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Watkins Learning Support Assistant
Miss Z Lennox Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Frasi Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff

Title Name
Admissions Secretary Mrs B Louth
Art / Photography Technician Mrs C Hamilton
Attendance Officer Mrs A Jenkins
Business Manager Mrs L Evans-Barlow
Careers Co-ordinator / Data Assistant Mrs P Abbott
Clerk to the Governing Body Mrs P Callingham
Cover Supervisor Mrs S Bibb
Cover Supervisor Mrs J Potter
Cover Supervisor Ms A Glodowska
Curriculum Manager Mr T Ellis
D&T Technician Mr N Beckwith
Senior Data Administrator Mrs B Walsh
Admin Services Mrs A Calcutt
Exams Assistant Mrs T Hill
Exams Assistant Mrs L James
Finance Officer Mrs C White
Finance Manager Mrs A Westcott
First Aid / Student Services Administrator Miss H Ellis
Food / Textiles Technician Mrs S Gray
ICT Technician Mr L Ranger
Learning Zone Co-ordinator  / Admin Services Mrs K Bedocs
Learning Zone Co-ordinator / Admin Services Miss Y Mehmet
Learning Zone Manager / Joint Literacy Coordinator Mrs S Bird
PA to Headteacher Mrs C Weston
Performing Arts Technician Mr N Stewart
HR Manager Mrs S Este
Receptionist  / Admin Services Mrs M Romain
Student Services Administrator Mrs T McDermott
Student Services Administrator/ Admin Services Mrs R Stewart
Reprographics Technician Mrs C Cross
Science Technician Mrs S Briggs
Science Technician Miss M Este
Science Technician Mrs J Rees
Science Technician Mrs S Cartwright
Senior Science Technician Mrs M Eversden
Senior Student Manager Mrs H Moverley
Site Manager Mr R Fisher
Site Team Mr B Foster
Site Team Mr R Jenkins
Sixth Form Manager Mrs P Barry
Student Welfare Support Mrs T Henderson
Student Manager Ms M Graysmark-Allen
Student Welfare Support Mrs S Paton
Student Welfare Support Mrs M Atkinson
Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator Miss L Brammer
Admin Services Manager / SIMS Manager Mrs K Hennessy