Feedback, concern or complaint?

At The Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre we want our students to be healthy, happy, safe and to do well. We want to maintain a positive dialogue with parents, carers and all stakeholders in order to achieve this.

Below you will find key details of how to contact the school and some guidance on the most effective ways to do so:

All concerns of a serious nature involving an immediate child protection issue should be addressed without delay to:  Mrs L Brammer, or Mr S Emberton,  Alternatively, please telephone the school reception on 01371 872560.

If this is a first contact regarding a pastoral issue – i.e. a non-subject specific issue – please contact either the Form Tutor or Director of Learning. Please find appropriate contact details on the Contact Us menu.

If this is a first contact regarding a subject specific issue – please contact either the subject teacher or Head of Faculty.  Please find appropriate contact details on the Contact Us menu .

For other key contacts please see the Contact Us menu.

Complaints Procedure

It is always hoped that your issue can be resolved quickly and informally, staff will return all calls or e-mails within 48 hours (or two working days during term time). In some cases it is not always possible to resolve an issue informally and if after following the above routes your issue has not been resolved then please follow the procedure below to make a formal approach (by following this procedure you will be helping us to ensure we can assist you in resolving the matter in a timely and satisfactory manner).

Please complete the contact form below.   Your issue will be directed accordingly, you will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours (or the next school day) and advice as to what the next step is within 48 hours (or two school days).  Please bear in mind that investigating complaints can take time and the answers aren’t always readily available, we will do our best to keep you informed of progress throughout.

We hope that by recording details at this stage we can still resolve the matter in a timely and informal fashion, we will collate the information provided and ensure that it is directed to the most appropriate member of staff.

For your information, forms will be directed as follows:-

“I have contacted a teacher and am not satisfied” > Head of Year for a pastoral issue or the Head of Faculty for a subject specific issue

“I have contacted the Head of Year /Head of Faculty and am not satisfied” > Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Link for Faculty or Year group

“I have contacted the SLT Link and am not satisfied” > Headteacher

“I have contacted the Headteacher and am not satisfied” > Chair of Governors

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not happy with the manner in which the process has followed either by the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors, you may request for the Governing Body to review the process by contacting the Clerk to Governors.   The complainant and the Headteacher or Chair of Governors will be informed in writing of the outcome.

If you have been unable to resolve your concern with the school at this stage your next step is to contact the Department for Education (DfE):

Please complete this contact form.  If you would prefer to print a copy of the form please download the pdf at bottom of this page.  Completed forms should be returned to school visitor reception.

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