Gangs/Drugs/Sexual Exploitation


In light of the growing concern about drugs gangs operating in Essex, including the issue around ‘county lines’, Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board (ESCB) have updated their Parents/Carers pages, to provide information on signs to look out for and how to support young people.  This section of the ESCB also contains a lot of other useful safeguarding information for parents/carers.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Child Sexual Exploitation or CSE is a growing problem in society today and can affect both girls and boys.   It is essential that we all work together to protect our young people.   CSE has many different models and can affect children of primary and secondary school age, both online and in person.   Please take some time to follow the link below and complete a short online learning course (approx 20 minutes) to ensure you understand what CSE is, how to spot warning signs in your children, and how to report it.

The link can also be found on our website, on the parents tab, under Safeguarding, where you will find other useful information on this and other safeguarding topics.   This tab is added to regularly.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of your child or any other child you can contact our safeguarding staff via the direct means below, or via our general safeguarding email, which comes through directly to both of us.

Mr S Emberton: ext 257
Miss L Brammer: ext 110

Miss L Brammer – Child Protection Officer

Further Useful information about CSE

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