Weekly News Bulletin: 10 September 2021

Helena Romanes School Primary – The Adventure Begins!
‘One small step for the children, one giant leap for HRS’

This week, our Reception children began their journey to excellence at HRS – and what a brilliant start they have had! Under the expert care of Miss Knowles, the children transitioned with confidence, demonstrated bravery and resilience in their learning and showed kindness and compassion to one another as they navigated their new surroundings and made positive connections with new friends. Already, our youngest children are reflecting the values which are central to our ethos at Helena Romanes School.

Over the course of the coming weeks, our intent will be to foster positive relationships and meaningful connections with the children; establish routines which allow them to feel safe and secure in their learning environment, and to nurture their natural curiosity and feed their thirst for knowledge and experience through creative and immersive learning opportunities.

As our journey progresses, we are also identifying opportunities to work collaboratively with both teachers and pupils from the Secondary phase, and already have a wealth of volunteers to enrich our Primary offer. From ‘Big Buddy’ Reading Partners to expert Dance Classes, we are already able to offer unique opportunities to our primary pupils as a result of our all-through approach.

We look forward to updating you on the children’s progress as our adventure continues.

Year 7

Wow, what a fantastic first full week it has been. It has been amazing seeing so many new, wonderful, Year 7’s, happy, engaged and smiling along the first part of their school journey through HRS. It has been brilliant to see students engaging so positively with each other and the feedback from the staff about their behaviour and effort levels has been superb.

This half-term will start to get busier now with the Year 7’s beginning their CATS tests next week as well as completing small baseline assessments within some lessons. This will help to give us a clear picture of each student so that we can then help them and tailor their lessons and learning appropriately. Please remind your child not to worry about these small tests, they are designed to help and support.

Clubs and activities have also begun, with Rugby Club up and running, having started on Thursday, with Dance (Monday 13th September) and Drama (Thursday 23rd September) following soon. There will be more information coming out about future clubs and activities and our aim is to see as many of our Year 7’s as possible in lots of different clubs.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the parents and carers of our Year 7’s. Your support over the first week has been amazing and it is great to see such a positive relationship forming between you, the staff and the students.

If you do have any worries or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s form tutor or myself.

I wish you all a happy and healthy weekend.

Mr D Archer – Head of Year 7

The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone will be open before and after school for students to use to do their homework and quiet study.

We will also be open for some break and lunchtimes depending on lessons taking place in the Learning Zone.
We have lots of new books to share with students and look forward to welcoming them back.

If, over the summer break, you found a school library book please return it to the Learning Zone as soon as possible.

The School Shop is also run from the Learning Zone and has a range of good value stationary which students can buy, we only accept cash for these items.

Calculators and school ties can also be purchased in the same way. Please see the attached the price list.

Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

Physical Education Faculty: Curriculum update April 2021

Please see below the activities your child will be participating in this half term during September to October for Core Physical Education.

Year Group Boys Girls
7 Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Netball, Tag Rugby, Handball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Netball, Tag Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Football and Hockey.
8 Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Netball, Rugby, Handball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Football and Hockey.
9 Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Hockey. Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Hockey.
10 Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Lacrosse. Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Lacrosse.
11 Football, Badminton, Lacrosse, Handball and Netball. Football, Badminton, Lacrosse, Handball and Netball.

For football and hockey it is highly recommended that students wear shin pads and gum shields for these contact sports.

Students may bring their rugby/hockey shirt and wear this over their white polo shirt when in PE lessons, as this provides another layer to warm up in when the weather is cold.

Students will be expected to sanitize at the start and end of a lesson whether inside or outside the buildings.

We are now using the changing facilities so it is vital students are organised with their PE kit the night before and at the end of period 5 students will be expected to change back into their full school uniform.

All extra-curricular clubs will start from Monday 13th September; details of the clubs can be found here.  Thank you to all parents and carers for your support; we look forward to seeing all the students engaging back in their Physical Education lessons.

Physical Education Faculty

Message from the Food Department

We would like to remind everyone that if students do not have an apron or are wearing nail polish/acrylic nails, they will not be able to cook.

Mrs C Joubert – Head of Technology

HRS Emails

If you haven’t already done so, please add the following email addresses to your email address book to prevent correspondence from HRS going into your junk and spam folders.


May we also remind you that if your child has any appointments during the school day, they will need a note to keep with them, there is no need to phone the school.

Thank you.
Mrs M Romain