Weekly News Bulletin: 2 July 2021

Music Peripatetic Lessons

Music peripatetic lessons are now available for students again. For further information about booking lessons for the remainder of this term and next term, please contact either Mr Charalambous or Mr Stewart in the Music department by emailing them at pcharalambous@hrs.education or nstewart@hrs.education.

News from the Learning Zone

In the Learning Zone we have lessons with Years 7 and 8 once every two weeks, the lesson begins with students reading. During this time I love to have a look at which books students are reading, seeing if they are from the library or books from home and checking whether there are any books that I need to buy for the library shelves.

A few weeks ago I noticed Maddison in Year 8 was reading an autobiography of the Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, I had a chat with Maddison who told me that the book was one she had bought, last minute, for a holiday. Whilst not Maddison’s favourite team she was drawn to read Pep’s life story. I wondered if I could maybe get hold of a signed picture that she could use as a bookmark so I approached my niece who works for the club.

A short while later I received not a signed photo but a signed team shirt, signed by Pep himself. I am pleased to say that we were able to have the shirt framed and Maddison has allowed me to display it in the Learning Zone for a couple of weeks before she takes it home to hang on her bedroom wall.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager