Weekly News Bulletin: 11 June 2021

Sixth Form Induction Event: Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th June 2021
Applicants have been issued with a wealth of information including their personalised timetables for this event and the sixth form team look forward to welcoming everyone to the sixth form.

Mrs D Wright
Head of Sixth Form

PE Skorts
We would be grateful for any PE skorts that are no longer required. If you have any to donate, then can be handed in to Student Reception.
Thank you.

Water Bottles
Paper cups will no longer be available in Student Reception unless for medical reasons so please provide your child with a refillable water bottle to bring to school so that they can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
Student Reception

Physical Education Faculty Extra Curricular timetable June to July 2021
All of these clubs are unisex and open to all abilities

Day Lunchtime 12.25-1.05 Lunchtime 1.25-2.05 After School
Monday Yr7 Football
(JH Week B)
Monday  Year 10 Football (CW/MR/JN)
Year 9 Football (JH)
Year 8 Basketball (KC)
Year 9 & 10 Netball (TF/LB)
Tuesday Tuesday Yr7 Cricket (KC/JH) Year 7 & 8 Netball (LB)
Year 8 Football (KC)
Year 9 & 10 Badminton (JH)
Thursday Thursday Yr8 Basketball (KC Week A) Athletics (All)
Year 7 Football (CW)
Friday Friday Yr9 Football (KC Week A) Year 12 Academy Football (MR/JN)
Year 9 & 10 Rounders (LB)

Year 7 & 8 Interform Final Results

Before half term we had the conclusion of the interform events involving, basketball, football, hockey and rugby. Congratulations to the overall winners below for each half year group.

The students fully participated and supported one another over the course of the week. They were a credit to themselves and their year groups and we as a faculty have been delighted in the manner they have competed and conducted themselves and demonstrated competitiveness and great sportsmanship during their interform competition.

Year 7 Lukin
Place Form Points
1st 7DRM 89
2nd 7CP 84
3rd 7ALD 62
4th 7MP 61

Year 7 Wells
Place Form Points

1st 7CH 77
2nd 7GB 72
3rd 7JHW 71
4th 7CS 55

Year 8 Lukin
Place Form Points

1st 8KC 65
2nd 8SC 60
3rd 8MT 48

Year 8 Wells
Place Form Points

1st 8LF 62
2nd 8NL 60
3rd 8AJG 47

Once again well done year 7 and 8, thank you!

Physical Education Faculty.

News from the Learning Zone
During half term I was in the bookshop in Ely and couldn’t resist adding a few books to my wish list for the Library:

Always here for you by Miriam Halahmy is for older students and is about the dangers of online chat rooms.
14-year-old Holly is lonely. Holly’s parents are never around after Gran’s Crisis and best friend Amy has moved across the Atlantic to Canada, loved-up with her new boyfriend, Gabe. Holly has no-one to hang out with at school apart from moody Ellen and misfit Tim – Madison and the bezzies barely notice her. Home alone in Brighton with no-one to talk to, Holly is at rock bottom. That is, until she finds Jay. Caring, funny and with so much in common, Jay is the perfect guy. They chat online, but Holly knows to be careful, she’s heard the horror stories. As they grow closer and closer, chatting with Jay is all that makes Holly happy. Mum and Dad’s rows get more intense and Amy’s radio silence continues; the only one who understands is Jay. As Holly lets her guard down, is Jay all he seems? Is Holly in too deep? And is it too late?

I was drawn to the title of You’re the One that I Want by Simon James Green for the link to the film Grease which I loved but was persuaded by the blurb.

Freddie is unremarkable – too unremarkable. He doesn’t stand out in any way, and in fact teachers and fellow students keep forgetting who he is. Even his mum thinks he’s a disappointment, and spends almost all her time at work, producing a TV show.
After a particularly awful night when he embarrasses himself in front of Jasper Perry (the gorgeous teen star of his mum’s new show), Freddie decides to follow a new, proactive philosophy designed to transform his social and romantic life: saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity.
It works! Freddie finds himself auditioning for the school musical (Grease), actually going to parties, and flirting with hot new boy Zach! He’s becoming a whole new Freddie – maybe even one that his mum might be proud of.
But the path to love is never smooth, and sometimes getting things very wrong is an important part of figuring out what – and who – you really want.

Finally, You are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be by Marcus Rashford is a non -fiction book for young people and might appeal to students who do not enjoy reading fiction books.

You Are a Champion is packed full of stories from Marcus’s own life, brilliant advice and top-tips from performance psychologist Katie Warriner. It will show you how to be the very BEST that you can be.


Law Event – Wednesday 16th June 2021
Young Professionals UK are hosting an insight to Law event alongside Charles Russell Speechlys aimed at students in Year 11, 12 and 13.

Charles Russell Speechlys are a top 30 law firm headquartered in London with offices across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and revenues of £120 million. Over the course of the evening they will provide students with a really great insight into how a law firm works and makes money, the different departments they have, and an opportunity to talk with lots of different solicitors.

Insight to Law:
• Wednesday 16th June, 5pm – 6pm
• An insight to law, their different departments and areas of work (including non-law routes)
• Breakout rooms with solicitors in talking about different areas of law
• Client relationships and winning new business
• Workshops & interactive sessions
• Summer Work Experience opportunities!

Application Link:
Limited spaces are available! If you have any questions, please contact :
Josh Elder
Head of Marketing
W: young-professionals.uk
M: 07530241313
E: josh.elder@young-professionals.uk