Weekly News Bulletin: 14 May 2021

Second-hand Skorts
We have several new starters from different year groups joining us this term but they are unable to order girls’ skorts as they are out of stock at both Jacks and Trutex.

We are in desperate need of any good second-hand girls’ skorts, if your daughter has grown out of hers or you have a daughter in Year 11 who is leaving us, we would be grateful for your donations. If you are able to help, please drop your items off to Student Reception.

Thank you.

Dunmow Rotary Club Young Photographer Winner
Congratulations to Year 7 student Lola Gibson who has won the Dunmow Rotary Club’s school and Dunmow prize in her category for her photograph of the bee in the blue flower. She has also won the District (Essex) prize. Her photograph will now be sent to the national competition. Dunmow Rotary Club hope to hold a prize giving ceremony later this term if restrictions allow.

Who buys the books your child reads?

On a recent trip to the supermarket I was drawn to the new books being sold to see if there was anything new for me to read (I chose The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman) and I was struck by the titles for children. Many students have told me that many of their parents or grandparents buy the books that they bring into school to read often without consultation to see what genre of book they may be interested in now that they are in Secondary school.

The ‘What Kids are Reading 2021’ study by Professor Keith Topping for Renaissance (link below) shows authors David Walliams, Jeff Kinney and Liz Pichon most popular in Years 7 and 8. These generally all fall into the Humour genre and represent a great proportion of the books we see students bring in from home. There are many other authors of children’s fiction who deserve a space on the supermarket shelf but, as always, space is a premium. In the Learning Zone we are dedicated to finding a book which sparks the love of reading for students. If you would like some advice on which books to buy please do not hesitate to contact me. Meanwhile I am going to start a book called Grenade by Alan Gratz which we have put in the War genre but could be historical too!
Happy Reading


Mrs S Bird
Learning Zone Manager

Join the Essex Working Parents group

Are you a working parent looking for help to navigate work and family life?

The Essex is Supporting Working Parents Facebook group is a community space of tips, information and advice on everything from finance and education to mental health. Join the group if you’re looking for useful guidance and information but also to vent, laugh and bond with other working parents.

Debt support

New Breathing Space debt scheme

The government has announced the launch of Breathing Space, a new debt respite scheme which will give those facing financial difficulties 60 days to receive debt advice, or mental health crisis treatment, without pressure from creditors or mounting debts.

Under the scheme, people will be given legal protections from their creditors for 60 days, with most interest and penalty charges frozen, and enforcement action halted. They will also receive professional debt advice to design a plan which helps to get their finances back on track.

The Breathing Space scheme can be accessed by contacting a professional debt adviser.

Miss L Brammer
Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Child Protection Officer