Weekly News Bulletin: 30 April 2021

News from the Learning Zone

18,900,402. This is the total number of words read by students in Years 7 and 8 so far this school year. It is an amazing achievement. Congratulations to all students who have read and quizzed a book.

We also have three individual millionaire readers with Elliot Willis in Year 8 almost at 2 million words, Molly Bennett and Olivia Reeve in Year 7 have just topped 1 million words.

Students in Years 7 and 8 are expected to have a reading book with them every day, we are happy to help them choose a book from the Learning Zone either during registration (with their form tutors permission), during lunchtime on the day allocated for their year or they can read a book from home.

How many million words will have been read by the time we break up in July?
Mrs S Bird

Learning Zone Manager

Message from the Food Department
All students must bring a clean apron to food practical lessons. They will not be allowed to cook without an apron.
KS3 students may wear any appropriate apron.
KS4 students need to wear their burgundy aprons.

Thank you for your support.
Mrs C Joubert
Head of Technology / Food Preparation & Nutrition / Textiles