Weekly News Bulletin: 16 April 2021

Uniform Exchange Programme
May we remind you about the uniform exchange programme. We are in need of larger blazer sizes but any donations would be appreciated. If there are any students who have uniform requirements please could they contact enquiries@hrs.education.

Thank you.
Mrs L Evans-Barlow
Business Manager

Student Recognition
Year 11 student, Ashton, has been crowned the 2020 karting champion in the 270 class. Ashton only took up karting a few years ago and quietly got on with improving and succeeding through these years. His success is a real testament to real determination and hard work. A huge congratulations to Ashton!

Mr Wilcox
Head of Year 11

Year 10 Maths Termly Assessment
All Year 10 students will be sitting their second termly assessment next week in their maths lessons on Tuesday 20th April. This will be a calculator paper. Students have been sent revision materials on Show My Homework and they are also free to use hegartymaths.com and/or drfrostmaths.com to revise any areas they feel necessary.

Students are politely reminded to ensure that they have all equipment necessary for these assessments: pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, protractor, set of compasses and a calculator.

Thank you in advance.
The Maths Department

Year 10
I hope you had an enjoyable Easter and are raring to go for the new term. Could I please remind all parents/carers to check that all students have their full equipment ready to learn, this includes a calculator. We have just had some Business assessments and too many students did not have a calculator on them, calculators are not just for maths lessons they are often used across the curriculum.
All students must also have a reading book on them at all times as it is part of the expectations policy.
Thank you.

Ms W Gordon
Head of Year 10

Ramadan – 12th April to 12th May 2021
Please contact your child’s Head of Year to let them know if they may need particular consideration and support during the month of Ramadan.
Thank you.

Mr S Emberton
Assistant Headteacher

Physical Education Faculty: Curriculum update April 2021
Please see below the activities your child is involved in this half term (April to May) for Core Physical Education.

Year group Boys Girls
7 Games: Netball/Rugby/Basketball/Hockey Games: Netball/Rugby/Basketball/Hockey
8 Games: Netball/Rugby/Basketball/Hockey Games: Netball/Rugby/Basketball/Hockey
9 Athletics track and field/Rounders/Cricket/Frisbee Athletics track and field/Rounders/Cricket/Frisbee
10 Athletics track and field/Rounders/Cricket/Frisbee Athletics track and field/Rounders/Cricket/Frisbee
11 Options: Football/Basketball/Handball/Netball Options: Football/Basketball/Handball/Netball

On the days your child has PE they should wear their PE kit with their blazer over the top of their PE shirts. They may bring their rugby/hockey shirt and wear this over their white polo shirt when in PE lessons, as this provides another layer to warm up in.

Students are expected to sanitize at the start and end of a lesson whether inside or outside the buildings.

Can we thank all parents and carers for their support, we look forward to seeing all the students back in their Physical Education lessons.

Physical Education Faculty

News from the Learning Zone
Years 7 and 8 students have been undertaking their latest Star Assessments in their Learning Zone lessons this week. The information from these assessments is used to direct the students to a range of books that they will feel ‘comfortable’ reading, not too difficult and not too easy.

Reading is so important to well-being and success. Children’s Laureate, author Cressida Cowell wrote to the Prime Minister this week and in her letter said ‘Decades of research show a reader for pleasure is more likely to be happier, healthier, to do better at school.’ We want to help our students to find books they enjoy reading and encourage them to become lifelong readers. To this end students can access the library’s management system – Reading Cloud from home at https://u010929.microlibrarian.net/ to look for books in the library in their reading range, we are open one lunchtime a week for each year group for students to browse and choose books.

Mrs S Bird
Learning Zone Manager

Leaving school for appointments
If your son/daughter needs to leave school early for an appointment and you are notifying your child’s teacher by email, please also copy Student Reception (studentreception@hrs.education) into your email to ensure they are aware when your child signs out of school.
Thank you.
Student Reception

Contact Details
If there are any changes in a student’s contact details such as a change of address, phone number or email address, please email mromain@hrs.education.

Dunmow Rotary Young Musician Online Competition 2021
The young musicians competition is for singers and instrumentalists aged 7-18 years old, grade 3 and above or equivalent. This year the competition this year the competition will be online with performances being recorded on a smart phone, tablet or video camera and emailed by 30th April to be adjudicated in May.

All entries will receive a certificate and the winners will also receive a prize.

For more info and how to apply please email dunmow.rotary@gmail.com

Essex Libraries Summer Reading Challenge Volunteers
Essex Libraries are inviting students aged 14 and over to volunteer in their local library during the summer holidays. Their role will be to encourage children to participate in the annual Summer Reading Challenge and talk to them about the books they are reading. Students can use this opportunity to gain work experience within their community and they can put the volunteering hours towards Youth Award Schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh. Volunteering will help them gain new skills and self-confidence.

In 2019 579 volunteers were recruited, 65% of whom were under 17 years old. (Owing to Covid-19 restrictions, volunteer participation was not possible last year.)

Please see the poster below for further information. There is a role description. Volunteers are required for a minimum of 18 hours – although they are welcome to offer to do more hours if they wish. The online application process is quick and easy.

When the application form is submitted an electronic reference form will be emailed to the student’s nominated tutor.

Further information, the role description and the link to the online form can be found on the Essex Libraries website. This year’s challenge is called Wild World Heroes.

The deadline for applications this year is Sunday 13 June 2021. Students need to be aged 14 or over, but anyone turning 14 during the summer holidays by 31 August 2021 will be accepted. Owing to a high demand for places each library has a maximum number of volunteers they require so these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

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