Weekly News Bulletin: 20 January 2020

Year 8 & 9 Reports
Some parents have reported difficulties in opening their child’s academic report. If you are experiencing problems, please try opening the attachment on your email instead of the Xpressions App.
Thank you.
Ms T Foulger – DoL for Year 8 / Miss W Gordon – DoL – Year 9

Dance show rehearsals – important notice
This is a reminder for all dancers involved with our annual dance show and choreographic competition in March. If your son/daughter is involved with the shows, please ensure they have noted and attend all rehearsals as follows:

Monday lunch: Year 9 club
Monday after school: Year 12 and 13 choreographies
(Year 13 exam coursework – Attendance compulsory after mock exams)
Tuesday lunch: Year 11 club
Tuesday after school: Gifted and Talented
(Year 11 attendance optional until 3 February/end of mocks. From February, attendance is essential)
Wednesday lunch: Year 7 club
Thursday after school: Year 8 club

If your son/daughter has any concerns about this, please ask him/her to speak to their dance teacher as soon as possible so that we can address any concerns. The annual 2020 choreographic competition and showcase dates are as follows:

Tuesday 10th March 2020: Year 9 and 11 Choreographic competition
Wednesday 11th March 2020: Year 7 and 8 Choreographic competition
Thursday 12th March 2020: Annual Dance Showcase (all years)

All performers will receive further details regarding final preparations in class in due course.
Thank you.
Mrs L Warnock (Dance cover for Mrs Judd)

Due to health and safety, please may we remind you that students are not allowed to wear nail polish during food practical lessons and students with long hair are expected to tie their hair back in all DT subjects. Please ensure that nail polish is removed and your child has a hairband with them if they have long hair.
Thank you.
Mrs C Joubert – Head of Design Technology

Safeguarding information update from Essex Safeguarding Children Board
Schools have been asked to remind children and parents of the risks in sharing bank account details and holding money.

‘Deets and Squares’, also known as ‘coin flipping’, is money laundering which can involve children.  ‘Deets’ is slang for bank details and ‘Squares’ are credit/debit cards. Social media messages are sometimes used to ask children if they want to earn money, in which children then become ‘money mules’ by giving their bank details to fraudsters in exchange for money, becoming accessories to crime. Various information sources are available, for example the Money Mules website: https://www.moneymules.co.uk
Mr S Emberton | Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead

Basketball Club
A reminder that we are running a basketball club on a Wednesday lunchtime and after school on a Thursday until 4.30pm for boys and girls in all year groups.
Mr K Cheema – PE Teacher