Weekly News Bulletin: 14 October 2019

News from the Learning Zone
Author G B Strong made another visit to HRS on Thursday to talk about his book ‘Running Deep’ at the Year 7 assembly. Grant also ran two workshops in the Learning Zone and chatted to students during break time. If you would like to buy a copy of his book for a discounted price of £5 please go to his website
https://www.elfbooksltd.com/ and use the discount code ‘schools’.

The school shop is open in the Learning Zone before school, break time, lunch time and after school for all students’ stationary needs.

National Mental Health Day was marked in the Learning Zone by a no computer lunch time, instead students were able to play a range of board games and colour in pictures.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

The new maths homework/revision/independent study tool Hegartymaths is now up and running for students in years 7 to 11.

The expectation for all students is that they will watch the supporting videos as part of the time allocated for homework tasks, make appropriate supporting notes in their (yellow) homework books to ensure appropriate layout of work, lay the questions out in their books and mark their answers online.
Thank you for your support with this.
Mr B Birss – Head of Maths

A plea from Art
If you have any left-over wool, the art department would be most grateful for any donations that you can spare! Please drop it off at student reception for Mrs Duke.
Thank you so much!
Mrs J Duke – Head of Art

Lost property – coats
We already have numerous coats in lost property. As the weather is turning colder these may be required over the next few weeks. Please can students check in the lost property cupboard if they have mislaid their coat.
Student Reception