GCSE Exam Results 2019

The Helena Romanes School saw 65% of students achieve a standard pass in English and Maths – up from 58% last year.

Star students this year include:

  • Kira Haket achieved 6 Grade 9’s; 3 Grade 8’s and a Distinction*
  • Roseanna Davey achieved 3 Grade 9’s, 4 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s and 2 Grade 6’s
  • Sarah Mouncher achieved 3 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s and 2 Grade 6’s
  • Alexander Lockey achieved 2 Grade 9’s, 5 Grade 8’s, 1 Grade 7 and 1 Grade 6
  • Ellie Mourton achieved 2 Grade 9’s, 4 Grade 8’s, 1 Grade 7, 1 Grade 6 and 2 Grade 5’s
  • Olivia Smith achieved 1 Grade 9, 6 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s and 1 Grade 5
  • Max O’Connor achieved 1 Grade 9, 3 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s and 3 Grade 6’s
  • Harry Briffa achieved 1 Grade 9, 2 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s, 2 Grade 6’s and 3 Grade 5’s

English results also showed an improvement, with 79% of students achieving a 9 to 4 grade. In Maths, the 9 to 4 figure rose to 69%.

Simon Knight, Headteacher, said “these results are evidence of sustained improvement across the school, which together with last week’s results at A-level demonstrate that we continue to move in the right direction. The dedication and hard work of both students, with the support of parents, has culminated in a very pleasing set of examination results. The school continues to improve and I am confident of further success in the future.”

“I would also like to thank the staff whose expertise and tireless support of the students has helped us achieve these outstanding results”.

“Our continued high performance means that more and more of our students are achieving the highest levels attainment and we look forward to these students returning to our Sixth Form next year to start their A Levels with us”.