Weekly News Bulletin: 24 June 2019

Language Preference for Study in Year 8
If you have not done so already, please remember to return the language preference form to room D 107A by Monday 24th June at the very latest. The form was emailed to Year 7 parents a few weeks ago.
Thank you.
Mrs S Roy (Head of French)/Mrs V Newell (Head of Spanish)

Notice from Finance and Catering
Please can we ask that you check your child’s lunch account balances and ensure that they don’t go overdrawn. Only the Catering Manager, Jackie Holdsworth, in the Upper Dining hall is now authorised to allow students to buy lunch on the day if their accounts are overdrawn. We realise this can happen due to IT problems or unforeseen circumstances but we want to cut down on those who are regularly going overdrawn. The current daily spend limit on the tills is £6 per student per day, if you would like the canteen to set a lower limit for your child to enable you to budget for their meals please email finance@hrs.education with your child’s name, form and the limit you would like set (e.g. £4 per day) and we can pass this on to the catering team to set up on the tills. Please note that water fountains are available in the lunch halls for students to help themselves to or top up their reusable water bottles. Drinking water rather than buying drinks every day may be a way to make their lunch money go further.

You can set up low balance reminder alerts to send you a text message or email you when your child’s balance is getting low to remind you to top up as follows:
On your ParentPay home screen go into the “Communication tab” at the top. Click on “Change Alert Settings” button. Page down to balance alerts and enter the threshold that you would like to be notified at (e.g. £3) and click on email alert (or text if you prefer).

To enable alerts to inform you that new payment items have been added on ParentPay for your child:
On your ParentPay home screen go into Communication tab at the top. Click on “Change Alert Settings” button. Page down to new item alerts and tick your preferences.
Any queries please email finance@hrs.education
Many thanks for your support in this.

Year 9 Parents
There appears to be an outbreak of head lice. Please check and treat your child accordingly.
Miss H Ellis – First Aid

Year 7 Parents: Form Changes for Year 7 students going into Year 8
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Year 7 parents for your support over the past year with your child’s sometimes challenging transition into Secondary School. We have had a good year and the overall feeling within the year group has been very positive.

As we move into Year 8 we will be making changes to the form groups. This is as a result of our increased number over the year and the loss of some of our current tutors. We are going from a 7 to an 8 form entry, meaning our class sizes will be reduced and we will no longer have classes over 30.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make positive changes to all the Year 8 form groups. The focus has been placed on your child’s progress in school and not on their friendship groups. It has been a long process to ensure all forms are equally balanced and I’m sure you will agree your child having a positive learning environment is a priority and minimising distractions to learning is of utmost importance.

Please reassure your child there is plenty of opportunity in school to socialise and learning has to be a priority.

We will be sharing the details of the new form groups with all students completing a variety of form challenges in order to prepare them for the start of Year 8.

If you wish to discuss this with me further please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks and kind regards.
Ms T Foulger – Director of Learning for Year 7

English Text Books
A reminder to all students to please bring in any text books belonging to the English faculty. English text books should be returned to the main reception by Friday 28th June 2019.
Thank you.
Mrs M Romain – Receptionist/Admin