Weekly News Bulletin: 20 May 2019

Exam Stress
Exam time is upon us and what is for many young people a stressful time. The following links cover a wide-range of tips to keep students mentally healthy.

All The Revision and Exam Tips You’ll Ever Need

Exam Stress and Pressure (Childline)

Countdown to exams (BBC Bitesize)

Supporting Your Child during Exam Time (Young Minds)

Year 11 Yearbook
This year we are offering our Year 11 students the opportunity to purchase a Yearbook to commemorate their time at Helena Romanes.

The Yearbook is an A4 hardback book containing photographs and memories from your child’s time here at Helena Romanes and will be available to collect on results day, Thursday 22nd August 2019. The cost of a Yearbook is £15.00 which is payable by ParentPay.
Mr T James – Director of Learning for Year 11

April Jack Petchey Award Winner
Congratulations to Mia Bushnell who was nominated for a Jack Petchey Award by Mr Wilcox. Mia moved school after difficult circumstances and has pushed herself academically and emotionally to be hugely successful. Mia’s £250 award money will be used in the PE department.

Harry Potter Studio Visit
Next week is the last week students in Years 7 & 8 can add to their total words read since Easter for the chance to visit Harry Potter World. One student has taken 27 quizzes so far this half term giving them a total of 582,586 words. Quizzes can be taken in the Learning Zone before school, break time, lunchtime and after school.

Letters to the successful students will be sent home after the half term break. There is still time to add to totals.
Good Luck!
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

Year 8 Science Exam
Please make a note that the end of Year 8 Science exam will be on Thursday 13th June. It will take place in your child’s timetabled Science lesson on that day.

All classes will have finished covering content; therefore students should revise all content covered in Year 7 and Year 8. The topics are as follows:

Big Idea Year 7 Collins Connect Book 1 Chapter Year 8 Collins Connect Book 2 Chapter
Forces Speed & gravity Contact forces & pressure
Matter Particle model & separating mixtures Periodic table & elements
Organisms Movement & cells Breathing & digestion
Electromagnets Voltage, resistance & current Magnetism & electromagnetism
Reactions Metals, non-metals, acids & alkalis Chemical energy & types of reaction
Ecosystem Interdependence & plant reproduction Respiration & photosynthesis
Energy Energy costs & energy transfer Work, heating & cooling
Earth Earth structure & universe Climate & earth resources
Genes Variation & human reproduction Evolution & inheritance
Waves Sound & light Wave effects & wave properties

Students can use the on-line text book on the Collins Connect website to aid their revision. At the end of each topic, there is a ‘check my progress’ chapter. Students can use this to identify areas they need to concentrate on. The check my progress chapters are colour coded to skills – Know (green), Apply (blue) and Extend (red). The majority of students should be working on their Apply/Extend skills for this exam.

There are still KS3 Science revision guides available to purchase through ParentPay should you wish. Once you have paid, your son/daughter can collect the book from the prep room at the end of break or lunch time.

If your child needs any further information they should speak with their class teacher.
Mrs K Pettit – Science

Please ensure that if your child has been prescribed an epi-pen, that they keep one on their person/in their bag and that we have a spare in Student Reception.
Thank you.
First Aid

Please may we remind you that students are not permitted to wear nail varnish or false or acrylic nails or false eyelashes. Make up is not permitted in Years 7 to 9; from Year 10 make up should be discreet. Students will be asked to remove make up if it is seen to be excessive.