Weekly News Bulletin: 28 January 2019

Year 11 Science
We will be holding Science exam preparation workshops on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th January 2019 from 3.30- 4.30 pm. We recommend all Year 11 students attend one of these sessions to help with their Science mock exams.

We are offering the opportunity to provide Year 11 students with key feedback and exam tips direct from one of the chief examiners of last years’ Science exams.
In this session we will go through some of the most common mistakes made by students in last years’ exam and teach students how to avoid some of the major pitfalls in the new style of exam questions.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Students will need to sign up for one of the sessions in the Science office or drop us an email. If you have any questions about the session please contact Mr Millard or Mrs Greaves-Park.
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.
Mrs H Greaves-Park – Head of Science

News from MFL
GCSE Spanish
The mock speaking exams for Year 11 students will take place over three days: 11th-13th February inclusive. Each student will be given a time and date for their individual exam. This is the last chance for your child to practise for this exam as the real speaking exams will take place shortly after the Easter holiday.

Please can you check the exam date/time details with your child and remind them to attend the exam in good time. It would be helpful if you could support your child by reminding them to practise their prepared presentation, revise role play phrases and question words, and picture description phrases.

Thursday drop-in support is available in D201 for any Year 11 student.

Salamanca May 2019
Please submit all requested documentation as soon as possible. The payment schedule is set out on ParentPay and we would ask all participants to keep to the deadlines to help the trip run smoothly.

If your child would like to join the Real Madrid stadium tour, then please ask him/her to collect the relevant form from the administration team in D107A as soon as possible.

Chinese Visitors/Year 9
If your child is in Year 9 and would like to host a Chinese visitor during the school day on 14th February, then please ask him/her to see Mrs Newell in D109 as soon as possible.

GCSE Portuguese (short course)
This is the final opportunity for your child to sign up for the GCSE Portuguese (short course in listening and speaking) as names have to be submitted to the exam board very shortly. If your child wishes to take this examination, then please ask him/her to collect the relevant form from D107A.

Please note that we have now sold out of Spanish workbooks (Mira 1 and 2, and GCSE). I hope to make further copies available shortly.
Mrs V Newell – Head of Spanish

Sixth Form Guidance Discussions
Emails will be sent to the parents of all students who have applied to the Helena Romanes Sixth Form notifying them of their son/daughter’s guidance discussion date on Friday 25th January 2019.
Mrs P Barry – Sixth Form Manager

Please remind your son/daughter of the importance of being fully prepared and equipped for their lessons and exams. We appreciate that equipment does get broken or lost but students cannot work to the best of their ability and reach their full potential if they are not fully equipped. Calculators will not be lent out in maths or science exams so it is imperative students have a calculator and put their name on it.

Equipment is available to purchase from the Learning Zone. All students should have the following equipment: pens (2 minimum); pencils (2 minimum); highlighter pen; ruler; eraser; pencil sharpener; compass; protractor; calculator and a reading book.
Ms W Gordon – Director of Learning for Year 8 / Maths Teacher

The School Shop
The School Shop, in the Learning Zone, has just had a delivery of Revision Cards, each 48 card pack has four different colours of ruled card and costs £1.30. We also have smaller ring bound four coloured Study Cards for £1.

School Ties can also be purchased £7.95 along with stationary to support the required equipment list.

All goods are supplied at cost and prices are displayed in the Learning Zone and on the attached Price List sent out with this news bulletin.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager