Presentation of Certificates Evening

On Tuesday 4th December 2018 students who took their GCSE exams in the summer celebrated their achievements at an award ceremony with family and friends where they received their certificates.  There was also a presentation of special awards and prizes (see below).

GCSE Academic Achievement Awards
These are presented to the male and female GCSE student who gained the highest top capped scores during the academic year 2017-18.

Winner – Lucy Turvey
Lucy achieved Grade 9’s for her GCSE’s in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry Physics, History, Art & Design and Physical Education, and a Grade 8 for Spanish. In addition, she gained an A* for Religious Studies and A’s for Statistics and the London Institute of Banking and Finance Certificate in Financial Education, earning  a total points score of 94 and a capped point score, for her best 8 GCSE’s, of 72 points.

Winner – Oliver Venner
Oliver achieved Grade 9’s for his GCSE English Language and History, Grade 8 for Biology, Chemistry and Geography, Grade 7 for Maths, Physics and Spanish, and Grade 6 for French and English Literature.   In addition he gained A* for Religious Studies and A’s for Statistics and the London Institute of Banking and Finance Certificate in Financial Education, reaching a total points score of 89 and a capped point score, for his best 8 GCSE’s, of 63 points.

The Helena Romanes Prize
Awarded to a student who has achieved in the face of adversity.

Winner – Bryony Peters
There were many students last year who had to face difficulties and adversity during what is one of the most challenging times of their life.

But this young person had to cope with something that no one should have to experience at such a young age.  Words cannot describe the unimaginable feeling of suddenly losing your younger brother.   In March last year Bryony had to deal with just this. She was faced with the outpouring of emotion from all around whilst remaining dignified and a tower of strength for others. She ploughed on with her studies and supported her family through a very traumatic time.

We are, and she should be, extremely proud of her amazing resilience during this time and the fabulous final exam results Bryony achieved.

Bryony is brave, compassionate, resilient and an inspiration to us all.

Trevor Phillips’ Prize for History
The Trevor Phillip’s Award for History recognises the achievement of an individual student from last year’s GCSE History cohort.

Winner – Megan Petts
Head of History, Miss Duckworth explained why she won. “I have nominated Megan for outstanding academic achievement in History.  Megan worked tirelessly for the three years she studied GCSE History.  Her work ethic is second to none and consequently she was rewarded with an outstanding grade in her GCSE.  Megan’s grades speak for themselves. Not only did she achieve a Grade 9, her marks were above the Grade 9 average, placing her in the top 2% of all History students in the country.

“Megan is a thoroughly worthy recipient of this award and is definitely a gifted historian of the future.”

Gemma Marshall Award for Textiles
In honour of Gemma Marshall who was a distinguished student at the school from 1995 – 2003.  Gemma went on to study at Winchester School of Art.  She sadly died in November 2006.  Her memory will live on through this special award.  We are honoured that Gemma’s parents Eddie and Jenny Marshall once again presented this award.

Winner – Stephanie Eaton
Textiles teacher, Mrs Lamb said “Stephanie has been an incredible source of encouragement throughout her time in Textiles.  She has always been very supportive of her fellow students, creating an inclusive environment when working in a team so that everyone is involved and is making progress.  She pushes herself to the best of her ability and pursues excellence in her written and presentation work.

“As we work towards completing GCSE coursework, Stephanie has shown high levels of independence and requires minimal input from me as her teacher.  It is with great pleasure that the Gemma Marshall Textiles Award for 2018 is awarded to Stephanie Eaton.”

The Governors’ Prize
This prize is given to a Year 13 student to support their first year at University.

Winner – Kimberley White
Kim is an outstanding academic, A Level student at HRS Sixth Form  She has had to work extremely hard to achieve A* and A grades in abundance at GCSE and is now working towards three A grades at A Level.  Kim was also appointed as Head Sixth Form Girl in the summer of 2018 and has worked tirelessly to promote and improve the Sixth Form with Head Sixth Form Boy, Teddy Frasi.

When Kim arrived in the Sixth Form she was a very timid young lady who appeared to lack confidence around her peers retreating to the safe world of academics. She now presents professionally and eloquently to younger students and parents to help improve the quality and size of the Sixth Form.

This award is a way of both thanking and supporting this ever-evolving young academic as she makes the huge leap away from home to study her beloved English Literature at one of the country’s leading universities next summer.

Mrs Wright, Head of Sixth Form is 100% confident that Kim will make a resounding success of university and thus give her the wings to take flight into a whole new world that eagerly awaits making her a student of today but the future of tomorrow.