Tassomai Online Science Study Programme Launch

We are delighted to be launching an exciting online science study programme called Tassomai with KS4 Year 11 students from Monday 3rd December 2018.

Tassomai organises students’ independent revision and supports them in learning all the facts they need for the new 9-1 Science exams. It analyses performance and tailors its revision programme to the individual so they can fill any gaps in their knowledge and practice for their papers.

Most importantly, Tassomai reflects our GCSE Science specifications and is tailored to the exam board we are using, AQA, and the course that each student is studying (Trilogy or Biology, Chemistry and Physics). The programme consists of a number of multiple-choice tests that cover the various parts of the specification and has a progress tracker so that students and parents can see if they are on track; Tassomai recommends that about 15 minutes of the programme every day will keep a student on track with the pace. The programme is ‘intelligent’ and so tailors its questions to topics the student needs more practice on after an initial period of assessing secure and less secure topics. Unless you would prefer not to receive emails from Tassomai, they will send you a report each Saturday morning detailing progress over the past seven days so you will be able to keep an eye on the reports and encourage your child to log on frequently to keep their pace on track.

Students will have the opportunity to access the programme initially on a free trial basis for seven weeks. After this period access will be available for a reduced price of £18 per student through ParentPay.

You can find more information at www.tassomai.com.
Mrs H Greaves-Park – Head of Science (Head of Chemistry)