Weekly News Bulletin: Monday 3 September

Message from the Headteacher
May I take this opportunity to welcome students back after the summer break and hope that you all had an enjoyable and relaxing time. Well done to all our Year 11’s and Sixth Form students for the hard work and effort they put in for their exams this summer, I would like to congratulate all students on their achievements and wish them well in their future pathways in further study, training or employment.
Mr S Knight – Headteacher

Labelling Items
Please may we remind parents/carers to label as much of the uniform and equipment as possible particularly, PE kits including the PE bag, ties, pencil cases and school bags. A black laundry pen to write the surname on these items would be ideal. We had a lot of unnamed lost property last year which could easily have been reunited with its owner if it had been labelled.
Thank you.
Student Reception

Children’s Society Coffee Morning – Thursday 13th September
This term we would like to invite parents to attend a Children’s Society Coffee Morning in school where Michelle Macreadie will be talking about her role with the Children’s Society and the support that they can provide for children of all ages and their families. She will also be providing details of a free Parenting Course that we will be hosting at HRS. Dates and more details will follow shortly.
Mrs T Henderson – Student Welfare Team

Opportunity to Host Spanish Students
Helena Romanes has been given the opportunity to host a group of Spanish students aged 15/16. This visit will take place in September for three weeks and the Spanish students will shadow Helena Romanes students as part of their learning programme.

This visit is being organised by a local company, Saffron Homestays, and they are seeking host families who are willing to take one student into their home for the duration of their stay.

The student will join your family for breakfast and evening meal, but will need a packed lunch for school as s/he will be unable to access the school’s cashless catering system. The student will need his/her own bedroom, but can share the family bathroom.

The Spanish students will need to attend Helena Romanes for the start of the school day (they will be able to travel on the school bus), but will not return home until approximately 6pm each day as they will be taking part in enrichment activities after school.

At weekends, the students will undertake a trip for one day of the weekend and your child is welcome to join with this activity if s/he wishes. The Spanish student will remain with your family on the other day, taking part in normal family activities.

This is not an ‘exchange’ trip, so there will be no reciprocal visit.

Host families will be reimbursed for expenses at the rate of approximately £120 per week – or more if you decide to host an accompanying teacher.

Hosting foreign students is a fun and rewarding experience, as well as being a useful educational opportunity for your son or daughter; having a native speaker of a different language in your home is an ideal way to practise language skills.

Host families may have a child in any year group, so if you think you may be interested please email saffronhomestays@gmail.com for more information.

Please note that this visit is being organised entirely by Saffron Homestays who will be responsible for aspects of the visit; they will complete a home visit, to be arranged at your convenience, in order to pre-plan the stay.
Mrs V Newell – Head of French

Financial Help
Please click on the following link to find useful information about back to school financial help that may be of interest to some of you:

Year 7 Transition to Year 8 Summer Project 2018
Please may we remind students transitioning from Year 7 to Year 8 in September to hand in their summer projects to the Learning Zone when they return to school. The project is in recognition of 100 years since the end of World War I; students have a choice of four things to do. Please ensure everything is in your own words and original (not copied and pasted).

1. Letter home from a Tommy – maximum one A4 page on the letter headed paper attached.
2. Original War Poem – please use the poppy bordered paper attached.
3. Mini Project – on an A3 sheet of paper create a project about a specific battle between 1914-1918; don’t forget to reference where your information is from.
4. Animals at War – maximum one A4 page tell a story or write a report about one or some of the animals used during World War I. It could be about Dogs, Horses or Pigeons again don’t forget to reference where your information is from.

There will be a prize for the best entry in each category.

Miss W Gordon – DoL for Year 8 and Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

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