Weekly News Bulletin: 16 July 2018

Early School Closure – Friday 20th July
Please may we remind you that school will close early on Friday 20th July 2018 at 12.45pm. Lunch will be available at break time for those students who would like to eat something. The school buses will collect students at 12.45pm to take them home.
Mr S Knight – Headteacher

Elliot Peter’s Memorial Fun Day
Thank you to everybody who supported our Fun Day last Saturday. The event, which was attended by around a 1,000 visitors, pushed the total amount raised so far to over £15,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Mr S Knight – Headteacher

Year 7 Transition to Year 8 Summer Project 2018
This year marks 100 years since the end of World War I, for your summer project you have a choice of four things to do. Please ensure everything is in your own words and original (not copied and pasted).

1. Letter home from a Tommy – maximum one A4 page on the letter headed paper attached.
2. Original War Poem – please use the poppy bordered paper attached.
3. Mini Project – on an A3 sheet of paper create a project about a specific battle between 1914-1918, don’t forget to reference where your information is from.
4. Animals at War – maximum one A4 page tell a story or write a report about one or some of the animals used during World War I. It could be about Dogs, Horses or Pigeons again don’t forget to reference where your information is from.

There will be a prize for the best entry in each category.

Please bring your completed project into school in September to the Learning Zone.
Miss W Gordon – DoL for Year 7 and Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

Student Recognition
Congratulations to Year 8 Jamie who has broken the County Athletics Competition record set 35 years ago in high jump, when she jumped 1m 46cm at the competition last week!

Miss L Booth – Head of PE/
Mr N Wilcox – DoL for Year 8

PE Department
The PE department is collecting the World Cup Pringle pots to win pop up goals. If you have any Pringle pots you could donate to the school, please ask your son/daughter to drop them off in the PE department.

Secondly, sports awards lists will go up in the PE department next week. Could all students please check that they have been given the correct colours for their sport and let Miss Hiscox know by Friday 20th if any are not correct.
Thank you.
Miss N Hiscox – PE Department

Collection of Year 11 Geography Books
Please return any Geography text books you borrowed for revision to main reception by Friday 20th July.
Thank you.
Mrs L Withers – Head of Geography

Collection of Year 7 & 8 MFL Text Books
From the beginning of July, the MFL Faculty will be collecting text books from students in Years 7 and 8. As a Faculty, we feel it is important that students have a text book to call their own each academic year. Every year some books are not returned. We would like to remind parents that their son/daughter signs a form taking responsibility for a particular book. Text books are becoming more expensive to replace. The price for buying a replacement book has gone up this year. It will cost £16.99 for a French text book and £19.99 for a Spanish one! (KS4 text books are £23.50!). Please check that your son/daughter has returned their text book and if they haven’t, please help them look for it! You will be notified if your child’s text book has not been returned.
Thank you for your assistance.
Mrs N Graves – Head of MFL

Food Practical Aprons for KS3 Students
From September, we are going to ask KS3 students to provide their own aprons for their food practical lessons – we will accept any cotton bib apron with school appropriate design on it (i.e. no rude slogans/pictures).

We will offer to provide income support students with an apron if they do not have one at home. The rule will be no apron, no cooking (as we do in KS4).
Mrs C Joubert – Head of Design & Technology

For Year 11 Students and Parents
Students who have results better or worse than predicted should contact Mrs Wright, Head of Sixth Form to make an appointment to select new courses or make course changes.

23rd August 2018 – GCSE results day. Appointments available between 8.00am – 12noon.
24th August 2018 – Appointments available between 8.00am – 11.30 am

I am available by email on dwright@hrs.education; appointments can also be made on the day via Mrs Barry, the Sixth Form Manager in person by coming to the Sixth Form Office in S Block on 23rd August 2018 after you collect your results.
Mrs D Wright – Head of Sixth Form

News from Careers
For Year 11 Students and Parents
Students who have results better or worse than predicted can attend one of the local College Advice Days to discuss their options. There is no need to book.

Cambridge Regional College
Huntingdon Campus or Cambridge Campus
Thursday 23 August 9:30am- 4pm
Friday 24 August 9:30am-3pm
Tuesday 28 August 9:30am- 4pm
Wednesday 29 August 9:30am-7pm
Thursday 30 August 9:30am-4pm
Friday 31 August 9:30am-3pm

Students can contact the Hub on tel. 01223 226315, email: enquiry@camre.ac.uk or in person between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00am to 4.30pm Friday for information, advice and guidance, and can apply at any time.

Information about Apprenticeships is also available on 01223 418778 or email training@camre.ac.uk.

Braintree College Advice Days
Braintree Campus, Church Lane, Braintree
Thursday 23 August 10-12 noon, 4-6pm
Friday 24 August 10-12 noon
Wednesday 29 August 4-6pm

Colchester Institute Advice Days
Colchester Campus, Sheepen Road, Colchester
Thursday 23 August 10-1pm, 4-6pm
Friday 24 August 2- 4pm
Tuesday 28 August 4-6pm

Visit: www.colchester.ac.uk for more information about courses at Braintree & Colchester Campuses.

Mrs P Abbott – Careers Coordinator

Lost Property
We have a huge pile of unnamed and unclaimed lost property including: coats, PE Bags, bags, books, keys, jewellery and glasses etc.

From next week, most items will be placed on a table in student reception and any unclaimed items will be given to charity, kept as spares or disposed of if still unclaimed at the end of term.

Jewellery, keys and glasses will be kept by student reception staff and students must give a description of missing items in order to reclaim these.
Mrs K Hennessy – Admin Services and SIMS Manager

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