Weekly News Bulletin: 9 July 2018

Year 9 Awards’ Evening – Change of Date
Please note that the date of the Year 9 Awards’ Evening has been brought forward and will now be held on Monday 9th July 2018 at 7.00pm in the Main School Hall.

If you have been informed that your child is receiving an award, please ensure that you have notified us of your availability to attend on the revised date. Please email acalcutt@hrs.education as soon as possible if you have not already done so.
Thank you.
Mr C Wilkins – Director of Learning Year 9

Year 10 Awards’ Evening – Reminder
We would like to remind you that the Year 10 Awards’ Evening is being held on Thursday 12th July at 7.00pm in the Main School Hall. If you have received an invitation, we would be very grateful if you could confirm your attendance by emailing ymehmet@hrs.education as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Mr T James – Director of Learning Year 10

Sixth Form Induction Days
Sixth Form induction days will take place on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July. An email will be sent to all parents whose children have accepted their conditional offer on Friday 6th July.

Ice Cream Sales
Sixth Form students will be selling ice creams and ice lollies on Tuesday 10th July at lunchtime outside E Block. All funds raised will go towards their May Ball.
Mrs D Wright – Head of Sixth Form

Parent Governor Election
I wrote to you on 5th June to invite nominations for the vacancy for a parent governor.
I am delighted to say that there has been a good response and there are three candidates for the one vacancy. This means we must now hold a ballot.

All students, unless they have siblings, will have received an envelope containing:

• a ballot paper with the names of the candidates
• a copy of the personal statements from the candidates who are Peter Bennett, Bryan Chapman and Donald MacMillan.
• two envelopes

You may vote for one of the candidates. Each parent can submit one ballot paper regardless of the number of students you have attending the school. As indicated on the ballot paper you should vote by marking an X alongside the name of the parent you support.

Also enclosed are two envelopes. This is intended to ensure that your vote remains
confidential. Once you have marked the ballot paper you should seal it in the unmarked
envelope. Then put this unmarked envelope containing the ballot paper into the second
envelope. You should then fill in the details as required on the outside of the second
envelope and add your signature.

This should then be put in the ballot box, which can be found in main reception by Thursday 12th July (not Tuesday 10th July as stated on the ballot form). If it is not possible for you to vote in person, please return to the following address: The Helena Romanes School, Parsonage Downs, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 2AU.

The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn.

When the election has been completed I will let you know the outcome. If in the meantime you have any queries, please let me know.
Mrs P Callingham – Clerk to the Governors, Returning Office

Millionaire Word Readers
The Learning Zone will be welcoming our Millionaire Word Readers next Friday 13th during registration for a celebratory breakfast with Mr Knight.
This year we have 19 millionaires, ten in Year 7 and nine in Year 8, two Year 7’s and two Year 8’s have read over 2.000,000 words this year.

All of these students will receive a ticket for the Prize draw for every million words they have read.

Congratulations to all students in Years 7 & 8, collectively this year they have read over 110,000,000 words and passed 2,740 quizzes.

We cannot emphasise the importance of continuing to read during the long summer holiday, local libraries have a Summer Reading Challenge and for older students there is ImagiNation.

Please take a look at their website for more information:

If you would like to buy books the Carnegie Award 2018 shortlist is on their website http://www.carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/.

Lastly if you find any books from the Learning Zone, on bookshelves, under beds etc. please ensure they are returned as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

Student Recognition
Congratulations to Grace Barry in Year 10 who has just returned from taking part in the Dance World Cup last week in Spain.

She was part of Team England who travelled to Sitges, Spain for the Dance World Cup which took place between 22nd and 30th June 2018. Overall, England came 2nd out of 54 countries and they were just beaten by Spain who achieved two more gold medals.
Mr T James – Director of Learning for Year 10

Fond Farewell
To all parents, colleagues and students past and present as we approach the penultimate week of term I would like, after 36 years, to wish you all a fond farewell as I take early retirement from Helena Romanes. To those of you I have taught and worked with I thank you for the pleasure and wish you all the very best for the future.

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my own journey which is already filled with plans to travel extensively, explore new hobbies and crafts and to spend more time with my own family. To say I will miss you all is a great understatement but I am sure with all my plans I will have plenty to keep me occupied in the coming months. Thank you all for your support and help over the years; it has been a wonderful adventure, goodbye for now.
Kindest regards Ruth Halls.

Drama/Media Books
Please can students return any books borrowed from the Drama/Media department so that we can do a stock take for the next academic year.
Thank you.
Mrs S Stewart – Head of Drama/Media

Lost Property
We have a huge pile of unnamed and unclaimed lost property including: coats, PE Bags, bags, books, keys, jewellery and glasses etc.

From next week, most items will be placed on a table in student reception and any unclaimed items will be given to charity, kept as spares or disposed of if still unclaimed at the end of term.

Jewellery, keys and glasses will be kept by student reception staff and students must give a description of missing items in order to reclaim these.
Mrs K Hennessy – Admin Services and SIMS Manager

Red Ties
If your son/daughter has a red tie at home please could they return it to Student Reception as soon as possible as we are missing a few.
Thank you.
Student Reception

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