Weekly News Bulletin: 2 July 2018

New Head Boy and Girl for September
Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who have been appointed to the Junior Leadership Team after a difficult selection process:

Head Boy – Oscar Schul
Head Girl – Emma Holland
Deputies – James Chalklen, Harry Briffa, Maisie Martin, Katie Salmon
Assistants – Max O’Connor, Paige Bone, Roseanna Davey

Mr T James – Director of Learning for Year 10

Wear Something Red for Elliot – Friday 6th July
On Friday 6th July students are invited to come into school in non-uniform and wear something red in memory of Elliot Peters. In exchange, students must bring in either a £1 donation or a tombola prize for the Family Fun Day the following day. Bottles for the tombola can be dropped off at Student or Main Reception but if they contain alcohol we can only accept them from an adult as students are not allowed to bring alcohol into school.

Students should be reminded that they should dress modestly, e.g. no short skirts, ripped jeans etc.
Mr T James – Director of Learning for Year 10

News from Exams
GCSE Results Day is on Thursday August 23rd and GCE Results Day is on Thursday 16th August. School will be open from 8.00am on both days.

Year 9 & 10: Uncollected results will be available from the Exams Office on
Monday 3rd September 2018
Year 11: All uncollected results will be posted at midday
Year 12 & 13: All uncollected results will be posted at midday

If your son/daughter is unable to attend in person, they can nominate someone else to collect their results on their behalf. That person will need to bring written authority from the student, together with some form of photo ID of the person collecting the results.
Exams Office

Please provide your child with a refillable water bottle to bring to school so that they can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during this hot weather.
Miss H Ellis – First Aid

Drama T-shirts
The Drama department is making an order for our new Drama T-shirts. If your child would like one, please pay the £5 deposit on ParentPay before the summer holidays.
Thank you.
Mrs S Stewart – Head of Drama

Year 7 into 8 MFL
Thank you for your patience. The data has been collected from every student and we are in the process of drawing up provisional lists. At first glance it would appear that we are oversubscribed in French in the Lukin population and oversubscribed in Spanish in the Wells population. All the students affected have been approached in the first instance to see if any are willing to change. We have had a good response and I hope we won’t now have to go to the next layer of intervention by drawing names out of a hat!

Collection of MFL Text Books
From the beginning of July, the MFL Faculty will be collecting text books from students in Years 7 and 8. As a Faculty, we feel it is important that students have a text book to call their own each academic year. Every year some books are not returned. We would like to remind parents that their son/daughter signs a form taking responsibility for a particular book. Text books are becoming more expensive to replace. The price for buying a replacement book has gone up this year. It will cost £16.99 for a French text book and £19.99 for a Spanish one! (KS4 text books are £23.50!). Please check that your son/daughter has returned their text book and if they haven’t, please help them look for it! You will be notified if your child’s text book has not been returned.
Thank you for your assistance.
Mrs N Graves – Head of MFL

World Cup Quiz
Along with a display of football related books in the Learning Zone, we are running a World Cup Quiz.

First prize is a family bowling ticket for the Namco Funscape in Braintree and second prize is a family swim ticket for the Leisure Centre. The competition is open to all students.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

Message from PE
Thank you to all students and staff for supporting the National Schools Sports Week. This was a fantastic opportunity to try something new!

May I also take this opportunity to remind students to bring in plenty of water during the hot weather and to apply sun cream and sit in the shade where possible.
Miss L Booth – Head of PE

Yubo (formerly Yellow) referred to as the “Tinder for Teens”
We are aware a number of students are using the teenage dating app called Yubo (formerly yellow), and forming online relationships with people they do not know. In some cases this involves plans to meet up. All parents should be aware of this app and its dangers. The following link provides a better understanding.


Please see the separate attachments for further useful information about keeping safe on the internet.

Mr S Emberton – Child Protection Lead/Miss L Brammer – Child Protection Officer

Paris Trip
We have recently returned from a very exciting, enriching and enjoyable trip to Paris. Some of the students have been writing up their experiences of the trip. I would like to share these with you.
Mrs S Roy – Head of French

Amy Lewis:
“This year from the 15th June – the 18th June, some students taking French at GCSE and some of the dual linguist students from Year 8 had the amazing chance to go to Paris. We all had a fantastic time!

First of all, we went up the Eiffel Tower. This was a once in a lifetime chance for most of us! It started off extremely tiring, but once we were all at the top, we had time to appreciate the breath taking view of Paris. Then, a little bit later, we went on a lovely river trip to see Notre Dame. Most of us were taking our time to enjoy the Seine, meanwhile some of us took the time to wave at people and make friends with people looking at the boat from bridges!

On Sunday, I am quite convinced that some of us had the best day of our lives! We went to Disneyland. At the start, everyone was very excited, and eager to go on the most thrilling rides, such as “Hyperspace” or “Thunder Mountain”! However, once we got through the day most of us decided we wanted to visit the shops and buy various memorable things. Once we left all of our legs were aching, so we were happy to get on the coach. That evening, even though we got back ½ an hour late, we still had time to make crêpes!

The last day was quite stressful! We all had to get packed and on the coach by 9:00! However, by the end of it, a lot of us went away with prizes, for example, Lucy Henderson got a lollipop for living off bread, and Beth Lewis-Dale got a prize for just being a nice person in general!

Overall, it was a great trip for all of us!”

Saoirse McGregor:
“France is an amazing experience, it has beautiful landscapes and I really recommend going to France.

On my trip to France, I first fell in love with the scenery.

When we arrived at the Chateau de la Grande Romaine, we unpacked and settled in. The staff were so friendly and the food was just delicious, and bright and early the next morning, off we went to the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was tall, and a lot bigger than I imagined but walking up all those steps to the second floor, it really was worth it. The whole view from that height, made Paris have quite a light chalky colour to it. Souvenirs were beautiful and the ice cream was so rich.

The day after, we went to Disneyland, for the whole day. The food, the rides and the fun in general. Have you ever wanted to meet your favourite Disney character? A princess? Cinderella or Belle? – Well this is the place to go.

On the last day, we went to a French market which was an awesome experience which was fun and also very interesting.

Therefore I strongly recommend a visit to France in the near future”.

Sophie-Ella Rose:
“I have just recently come back from the Paris trip and THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO SAY! Firstly I would like to thank all the teachers for such an amazing experience I really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved spending the weekend with my friends and new people, trying new things (like the delicious snails) and attempting to order McDonalds in French. My favourite part of the trip was when we went to Disneyland Paris. I became a small child again which was very exciting especially meeting Minnie Mouse. Another memorable moment was when Ella had an allergic reaction to the aloe vera. For her it may not have been funny Turning as red as a tomato but for the rest of us it was hysterical! I really hope to go on another trip in the future!”

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