End of term news bulletin

Important Safety Information
Following an incident this week, we would like you to support us by reinforcing key messages with your son/daughter(s) about safety outside of the home or school.

Earlier this week a group of Year 7 students were cycling along the Flitch Way in the proximity of Flitch Green. A man appeared suddenly from bushes at the side of the path and jumped onto a boy’s bike. The man threatened to abduct him, and rode away with his bike. The boy managed to jump off the bike and immediately contact the police.

Although we do not wish to cause any panic or unnecessary anxieties, we will be reminding students of the precautions they should take when out and about. Please take the time to also discuss this with your son/daughter and discuss with them what to do if they are ever in an unsafe situation.

Below are some top safety tips for parents that we will also be using in school:

Whether your child is approached, propositioned, followed or generally feeling unsafe in an unfamiliar situation, here are five top tips:

1. Run in the opposite direction
Your child may be all of a dither if approached or propositioned, but instil them with some key techniques on how to deal with unfamiliar situations.
It is vital that they run in the opposite direction from whatever is following them, especially if it’s a car.
This could buy vital time, especially if a vehicle has to navigate a street and turn around.

2. Have a code to keep you safe
Having a code word with your child means you can use it whenever you want to learn if they’re in trouble.
It can be used in a variety of situations – when out in public, or when at a friend’s house.
The code word (which should be easy to remember, but not too common) is an ideal way of communicating when danger arises.

3. Ditch the personalised items
It may be cool for a kid to have his/her name emblazoned on their football boots, PE kit or clothing, but be wary.
Having details – especially names and addresses – visible to the public can be extremely dangerous.
If a stranger sees their name, they can call to them and perhaps pretend they are friends with the child’s parents.

4. Forget manners
You’ve brought your children up very well, of course.
No doubt they are highly respectable, well-mannered and down to earth kids.
But, in a dangerous situation, all manners go out of the window.
If they are approached or propositioned, or followed and chased, then tell your child to do whatever it takes to make a scene.

5. If in doubt, find a parent!
Your child may be far from home, with nobody around to help them.
A police officer may not be present, so your child will need to think quickly as to who they can approach for safety.
A parent with their own children is a pretty safe bet.

Thank you for your support, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Mr S Knight – Headteacher/Mr S Emberton – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Memorial Ribbons
Thank you to everyone who has made a donation for a memorial ribbon for Elliot. So far we have collected over £2,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. These will be available at break and lunchtimes outside the main hall until the end of April. If your son/daughter would like to make a donation (a minimum of £1) in exchange for a ribbon, please remind them to bring in some money.

Thank you to those parents who have completed the questionnaire recently sent to you. There is still the opportunity complete the questionnaire if you haven’t yet done so. Students will also have the opportunity to fill in a questionnaire after the Easter holidays.
Mr S Knight – Headteacher

Year 7 MFL Exams
These will be held after the Easter break. There will be written papers for Listening, Reading and Writing and a short speaking test conducted by the class teacher. The format for these exams will be explained to students together with suggestions for revision. Please encourage your sons and daughters to go over the work they have done this year in both French and Spanish. Thank you!
Mrs N Graves – Head of MFL

Overdue Learning Zone Resources
Over the Easter holidays please can you check under beds, on bookshelves and in cupboards for any Learning Zone resources. Of the 392 resources currently on loan 171 are overdue.
Your help in keeping the Learning Zone well stocked is very much appreciated.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

News from Maths
Year 11
As of Thursday 29th March we have 56 days until the first GCSE Mathematics exam. The dates are: Thursday 24th May; Thursday 7th June and Tuesday 12th June.

We have completed three full mock exams in the hall this academic year to expose the students to exam conditions and actual exam paper questions.

To help those students who have not yet reached their target grades or in some cases the Grade 4 (previously a C) that is required to gain access to sixth forms and colleges, we will be continuing to try and keep Mathematics uppermost in the minds of all students as we embark on the two-week Easter break. I am sending, via ‘Showmyhomework’ daily items for all students to use to support their learning.

There will be daily multiple choice questions to keep them thinking, revision cards, exam papers, answers to exam papers, revision mats and a host of other things that they can use so that they will always have something that they can be doing.
If they have a quiet moment, please ensure that they log on to vle.mathswatch.co.uk using their school email address and password Romanes so that they can listen/watch revision tutorials.

Year 10 – 1 hour paper for Set 4 Foundation students
I have sent to students via ‘Showmyhomework’, a GCSE Statistics revision guide that they can use to help them study. Students will be sitting their GCSE mathematics mock exams after Easter. The dates are: Monday 16th; Friday 20th and Wednesday 25th April during Periods 1 and 2.

To support students I will send sample papers and answers to keep them busy over the holiday period. Once the mock exams have been completed and re-looked at, we will return to focusing on Statistics exam practice.
Mr B Birss – Head of Maths

Please be aware that slime is not allowed in school. If students are seen with it, it will be confiscated.

We have had incidents when some students have said that their parents have confiscated their mobile phones, banned internet use etc. and are using this as an excuse for not completing homework.

If you take this action against your child, please tell your child that they must check ‘Showmyhomework ‘through the school’s computers, in lunchtime homework club etc.
Miss W Gordon – Director of Learning for Year 7

Easter Raffle
Thank you to all the staff and students who supported the Sixth Form Easter raffle, the winners were:-

Staff Hamper Mr Pagan
Staff Easter Eggs Sonia Cartwright
Student Hamper Rebecca Keeling
Student Easter Eggs Eva Marling and Daleep Reehal

The students raised over £100 towards their May Ball.
Mrs S Barry – Sixth Form Manager

News from Careers
For students over the age of 16 looking to go into the finance industry.
Finance Sector Recruitment Event – Tuesday 17th April 2018, 5.00 – 7.00pm

Venue: University of Essex Business School, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park,
Colchester CO4 3SQ.

The event will bring together employers from across Essex to showcase the different roles and routes into the sector and the opportunities they offer within their own organisation.

Hear from employers, their apprentices, team leaders and front line staff.

Employers include:

• DST Systems, (formerly IFDS), delivers industry experience, technological expertise, and service excellence to help clients process, communicate, and safeguard the critical, high-value information their customers need.
• RSA Insurance Group (Royal Sun Alliance) is one of the world’s leading multinational quoted insurance groups.
• First Data, a global leader in transaction processing, First Data is dedicated to evolving the future of data-driven commerce
• Rickard Luckin, are a leading chartered accountants and tax advisers with bases across Essex, providing specialist services, including small business support, audit and business strategy.

Also attending will be the National Career Services, Jobcentre Plus and staff from the Business School.

This event is relevant for anyone looking for post 16 progression routes. The sector offers a wide range of traineeships, apprenticeships, and graduate schemes. Many employers have established learning and development programmes to help you gain qualifications whilst working.

All attendees are able to book 1-2-1s with career advisers and employers. Book your free tickets via Eventbrite here. Refreshments and free parking is available for all attendees.

For more information please email Elizabeth Gray on Elizabeth.gray@essex.gov.uk
Mrs P Abbott – Careers Coordinator

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme – Under the Microscope
Please may we remind you about the success of our recent application to Tesco for the ‘Under the Microscope’ project.

Customers can now vote at the Tesco store in Great Dunmow until Monday 30th April 2018. Please help us to win the vote by placing the blue token given out at the checkouts in the HRS ‘Under the Microscope’ voting box at the front of the store.

The awarded money will be used to provide extra microscopes and equipment for use in lessons, science club and our open days. We want to inspire potential biologists, environmentalists and scientists by making science fun through opening up the amazing microscopic world around us. Using microscopes and gaining new microscope skills, our budding scientists will look at what distinguishes different materials like fabric and paper and discover what lurks in the likes of soil, water or a jar of dry yeast. Their curiosity will be limited only by their imagination….
Thank you for your support!
Mrs L Evans-Barlow – Business Manager

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