Dear All,

I am sad to inform you that we have received upsetting news today.  One of our Year 10 students, Elliot Peters has passed away.

I have told Year 10 and Year 11 students about our loss in assembly this afternoon.  We will create memorial books in commemoration of Elliot, in which students may wish to write or sketch.  If your daughter/son would like to bring flowers, we are creating a special place in school for them.  We will give thought to a suitable celebration for Elliot’s life in due course.

We have already offered students support; we have secured the services of several trained and experienced bereavement counsellors.   Please do not hesitate to communicate with us if your son/daughter is in need of support either from a counsellor or from someone else in school.

Our thoughts are with Elliot’s family and friends.

Simon Knight