Weekly News Bulletin: 29 January 2018

Student Achievements
Last week in assemblies in the presence of their tutors and the Senior Leadership Team, students were presented with a range of awards in recognition of their hard work and commitment to our school community. These awards included certificates, queue jump passes at break times and badges. The more prestigious awards lead to points which can be used towards Rewards trips and the Year 11 Prom for example.

We were also able to award a number of students with the new Helena Romanes School Community Award (HRSCA) that recognises students who uphold such values as: being a good role model; a good citizen and for showing that they are proud to be part of the HRS community.

This award is particularly valuable as it is evidence of a well-rounded student who, together with good academic grades allows them to “stand out”.

Well done to all of the students! Of particular note I would like to extend my congratulations to the following students:

William Bennett in Year 7 who gained the most achievement points in KS3 up to Term 2 and Jessica Lambinicio in Year 9 who gained the most achievement points in KS4 up to Term 2.

HRSCA Bronze winners:
Year 7: Eva Alice Stewart and Maisie Francis
Year 8: Millie Westcott, Abbi Campbell-Brown and Ella Briffa
Year 11: Harriett Overs, Hannah Humber and Tallulah Perkins

I am sure you will be supporting us in also congratulating your sons/daughters!
I look forward to informing you of the next set of award winners next term.
Mrs M Aldous – DPSA and Rewards Co-ordinator

Data Collection Forms
Year 8 parents will have recently received a data collection form for their child (only to parents where the student resides). The form sets out the information which the school holds electronically about each student.

We would be grateful if you could check and amend the information on the sheet. It is essential that we maintain up to date emergency contact details in the event that children are taken ill or injured at school.

The information provided on the form is subject to the Data Protection Act 1988 and is for use by the school, local authority and the DFE. The Department of Education now also requires schools to submit data regarding Country of Birth and Nationality, please ensure this is correct.

Please return all forms, even if the information is correct, so we can ensure our computer records are accurate.
Thank you.
Mrs Michele Romain – Receptionist/Admin

Lost Property
There is a large amount of lost property in Student Reception. If your son/daughter has lost anything please ask them to take a look in Lost Property. Any uncollected items will be disposed of.
Student Reception

Learning Zone
Recently we have had a number of returned books which have been damaged by water due to leaking water bottles or wet clothing. Please be aware that any book returned in a damaged state, water damaged, torn or defaced will result in a request for the resource to be paid for through ParentPay. If possible books should be kept in a waterproof bag.
We are working hard to provide up to date resources to enable students to develop a love of reading which will help them with their studies in all subjects. Your support is appreciated.
Mrs S Bird – Learning Zone Manager

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