Weekly News Bulletin: 4 September 2017

Message from the Headteacher
May I take this opportunity to welcome students back after the summer break and hope that you all had an enjoyable and relaxing time. Well done to all our Year 11’s and Sixth Form students for the hard work and effort they put in for their exams this summer, I would like to congratulate all students on their achievements and wish them well in their future pathways in further study, training or employment.

May I also take this opportunity to remind you about the following as outlined in my summer newsletter:

Mobile Phones
This applies to mobile telephones, headphones and all similar equipment (music devices, games devices, smart watches etc.). Any reference to “mobile phone” also includes any other, similar equipment.

The presence and misuse of such devices in school can be a considerable source of disruption to lessons. They can also cause behaviour issues outside of lessons such as online bullying and abuse, as well as causing delays during lesson changeovers.

The school recognises that, given the rural nature of its location, some students may need to be able to contact parents/carers on the way to and from school. Therefore, if a student chooses to bring a mobile phone to school, he/she does so entirely at his/her own risk. Any mobile phone brought to school must be switched off (not just “on silent”) whilst on school premises during the school day.

If a parent/carer needs to contact their child in an emergency, then the parent/carer must contact the school’s student reception who will relay a message. If a student needs to contact a parent in an emergency, then he/she must do so through student reception.

As a result, students do not need access to mobile phones during the school day (8.40am – 3.10pm); mobile phones must not be used during these times. Any device seen or heard will be confiscated.

Uniform plays an important role in setting the correct tone for learning. The Helena Romanes School believes in the adage “dress smart, think smart” and, accordingly promotes high standards of personal presentation.

The correct wearing of the school’s uniform is also an essential element of the school’s anti-bullying policy and supports the school’s drive against the premature sexualisation of students. It should be noted that some aspects of the school’s uniform policy are also vital to ensure the safety of students at the school; for example, when moving around potentially crowded corridors or in PE lessons.

By applying to attend The Helena Romanes School, parents/carers and students agree to adhere to the following uniform code; no other clothing may be worn. If parents/carers have any financial difficulties in this matter, then please contact the school.

Uniform is to be purchased only from authorised suppliers. Alternatives are not acceptable.

Uniform must be worn in full and correctly at all times, including in lessons, and to and from school whether on a school or public bus, walking or using another means of transport. Blazers and ties may be removed when playing outside during morning break or lunch break but must be put back on when entering the school buildings. Blazers may only be removed during lessons with the express permission of the teacher in a particular lesson and must be put back on when leaving that classroom.

For the avoidance of doubt, wearing the uniform correctly means that blazer sleeves must not be rolled or pushed up, shirt sleeves must not be rolled or pushed up, shirts must be tucked in, kilts must not be shortened or rolled up, all shirt buttons must be done up; modifications to the uniform are not acceptable. Kilts are available in two lengths: 20 (twenty) inches and 22 (twenty-two) inches; the appropriate length must be worn. Students taller than 5’4” will be expected to wear the longer length; skirts must not be shortened in any way.

Students not wearing approved school trousers or kilt or wearing them incorrectly or not wearing appropriate shoes will be given a school-purchased alternative to wear for the duration of that school day. In such instances, where incorrect items are worn, parents/carers will be notified and must ensure that the student wears the correct uniform and/or shoes within 5 (five) school days of the incident.

Outdoor wear (such as coats, scarves, gloves and hats) should be plain, dark-coloured and without any logo or decorative adornments (such as sequins, ribbons, studs, hooks, loops etc.) Coats, scarves, gloves, hats and similar outdoor wear may not be worn inside school buildings and must be removed upon entry. Hoodies, sweatshirts and similar items may not be worn at any time.

Shoes must be black and made of either leather or leather-look materials. They must have a hard, black sole, must support the foot adequately and not go above the ankle. They must have enclosed toes and heels. Sling-backs are not permitted. Boots of any style or length (including ankle boots) are not permitted. Shoes must fasten with laces or Velcro; coloured or decorative laces are not permitted. Heels must be less than one inch and platform or built-up soles are not permitted. Any shoe which has the appearance or partial appearance of a trainer or sports shoe is not acceptable. Ballet-pump type shoes or slip-on shoes which do not adequately support the foot or which may slip off are not acceptable. Stripes, logos, buckles and other shoe adornments (e.g. stripes, soles which are not black, gold bows, shiny buckles etc.) are not permitted. Shoes of any type which are made of canvas, suede or any non-leather or leather-look material, including plimsolls, are not permitted.

Piercings – A single plain stud earring is permissible in each ear. Hoops, bars and facial piercings such as those in the nose, lips or eyebrows are not permitted. If a student is seen with an unauthorised facial piercing they may be sent home or isolated until it is removed or a clear plastic non-protruding retainer is used. We would ask parents and students to think carefully about when piercings are done, preferably during summer holidays, so that they can be removed safely for PE lessons.

Nail varnish, false or acrylic nails are not permitted. Make up is not permitted in Years 7 to 9; from Year 10 make up should be discreet. Students will be asked to remove make up if it is seen to be excessive.

Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable and hair should be of a natural colouration.

Socks must be black or navy blue; they must be ankle length. Socks must not have any decoration, pictures or trimming. Trainer socks and bare feet are not acceptable. Leggings, whether worn with socks or not, are not permitted. The wearing of socks over black tights is not permitted. Ankle socks may only be worn over plain / flesh-coloured tights.

Items of PE uniform may ONLY be worn in PE; items of general uniform must NOT be worn in PE; and vice versa. For example, the general uniform specifies black or navy blue socks, or tights whilst the PE uniform permits white socks or school team socks. White socks may NOT be worn with general uniform and black or navy socks, or tights of any colour may NOT be worn during PE.

If a pupil is cold and wishes to wear an extra garment under the uniform shirt it must be plain white, without any logo or any decoration, and must not visible above the neckline or beyond the cuffs of the shirt.

Underwear should not be visible at any time. In particular, vests and brassieres should not be of a colour or style which is visible through the shirt.

If there is a valid, temporary reason as to why a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, then the parent/carer must send a written, dated letter to the relevant head of year, with an indication of when the issue will be resolved. It is not acceptable for “temporary” issues to last for more than two weeks unless written medical evidence is also provided.

Burgundy blazer with embroidered badge
Grey trousers with fleur-de-lys logo
White shirt with fleur-de-lys logo
HRS school tie
Black formal shoes
Black/navy socks
Plain black belt (optional)
HRS school jumper (optional)

Burgundy blazer with embroidered badge
HRS plaid kilt or grey trousers with fleur-de-lys logo
White shirt with fleur-de-lys logo
HRS school tie
Black formal shoes
Plain black/navy or natural tights or black/navy ankle socks
HRS school jumper (optional)

Thank you for your cooperation.
Mr S Knight – Headteacher

MFL Text Books
Thank you to all students who returned text books last term. If you still have a text book at home, please drop it into the visitor reception area as soon as possible so that we are able to give out text books to all students this term.
Thank you.
Mrs N Graves – Head of MFL

Join our Science Club – Tuesdays 3.15-4.15 pm (commencing 12th September)
Each half term we will be running a different six-week Science Club. In the first half term we are looking for 15 keen model makers.

Using our new Physics modelling kit you will build some really spectacular models and devices, such as a wind tunnel, flying wing glider and a Mars robot.

Firstly students will be given the opportunity to make simple machines that will represent an amazing set of tools that can be applied in the real world to engineer marvellous things. Students will then find out what they can do and how they work.
This will be hands on building and testing models you have made. Taking part in this club will be fun and give you a better understanding of the fundamental laws of mechanical physics.

A must for all aspirational Year 7 students! Make sure you return the application form below to Mrs Greaves-Park in the Science office as soon as possible as places are limited to the first 15 students who return their slips signed by their parent/carer.
Mrs H Greaves-Park – Joint Head of Science

Science Club -Physics Modelling 1


Parent/carer signature: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Please return this slip to Mrs H Greaves-Park


Careers Guidance Meetings Year 11
Can all teaching staff please be aware that Careers guidance meetings for Yr11 students will be starting on Tues 12th September. They are scheduled for 40 minutes and will be on-going throughout the school year. The vast majority of students will only need to attend once.

Julie Kay as an independent Careers Adviser, and she will give up to 40 days of advice and guidance for the students over the academic year – her days in school will vary. (Tues will be a core day) All meetings will be in the Careers Guidance Room next to A06. Her focus will be on Year 11 and Sixth Form referrals.

Tutors will be informed via lists and email, and students will receive individual appointment slips.

It would be helpful if tutors could encourage students to make their subject teachers aware of these appointments. The school is paying for this service, it is important that the students attend on time and as scheduled.

Sixth Form Careers Resources
If you have a child in Year 12 or 13, please make them aware that University prospectuses are available for reference use in the Sixth Form Study. Personal copies can be ordered online using university websites found by using a search engine or the “choosing a course” section on the UCAS website – www.UCAS.com

Please encourage your son/daughter to use the books (including the Heap guides) and resources available in the Careers Resource Centre, and inform them that I am available to give them support or arrange for them to see our Guidance Adviser Julie Kay if needed. Students will be asked initially to see Mrs Abbott or Julie Kay at lunchtime so we can assess their needs, as they may need to do independent research beforehand.

All students are welcome to visit me at break or lunchtimes in the Careers Resource Centre. (Near the steps up to the 6th Form Centre) Julie Kay is also happy to chat to students during the lunchtimes she is in school.
Mrs P Abbott – Careers Coordinator

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