Weekly News Bulletin: 3 July 2017

Congratulations to Year 12 student Matthew who is now the English Schools National Golf Champion and will Captain England Schools
against both Wales and Scotland!
Miss L Booth – Head of PE

Matthew with his winning trophy

GCSE Reform
Please find attached an information sheet provided by the Department for Education (DfE) explaining the new GCSE grading system for English, English Literature and maths which comes into force this year, followed by the remaining GCSE subjects over the subsequent years.

If you would like more information here is the link to a new website the DfE has created:  https://newgcses.campaign.gov.uk/

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Mr N Foster – Deputy Headteacher: Standards, Progress, Achievement

Drama Club Cancelled on Thursday 6th July
Please be aware that Drama club will be cancelled next Thursday 6th July.   Apologies for the inconvenience.
Miss D Foster – Drama

Information from Careers
Summer School for students aged 14+ interested in working with horses
Writtle College has asked us to advertise their BHS Stage 1 Knowledge and Care Summer School.

Students need to be over 14 years of age and will gain a qualification in equine husbandry during the summer holidays.    More information and the link for booking can be found by following this link:  http://writtle.ac.uk/BHS-Stage-1-Certificate-in-Horse-Knowledge-and-Care-SUMMER-SCHOOL

Job opportunities for students in Years 11/12/13
The Autoraise Charity is based locally and has developed to promote nationally the recruitment of young people into the vehicle repair industry.  Autoraise has established rapidly a national profile within the industry, and is now seeking to expand its local head office operation by recruiting a Junior Administrator (most suitable for a Year 11 student) and a Junior Business Development Executive (most suitable for a Sixth Form leaver).

More details about the Autoraise organisation can be found here: https://autoraise.co.uk/

Autoraise are very keen to recruit students from Uttlesford into these posts and therefore will not advertise elsewhere until end of July.

If your son/daughter is interested in applying, please email me and I will forward the job descriptions.

Mrs P Abbott – Careers Coordinator

Last week SnapChat, used regularly by many children and young people, launched a new feature. SnapMaps allows users to see the location of their contacts. This feature allows others to accurately pinpoint where you are, which has obvious Safeguarding risks. There are three possible privacy settings:

  • Ghost mode, where only you can see your position;
  • My Friends mode, where any contact can see your location; and
  • Select Friends mode, just those who you choose can see you
  • ChildNet have posted a thorough explanation of SnapMaps and how to ensure users stay safe. Please ensure your children are fully aware of this feature and how to change settings to make themselves safe.

Further reading: Introducing SnapMaps (ChildNet) http://www.childnet.com/blog/introducing-snap-maps-the-new-location-sharing-feature-in-snapchat

Miss L Brammer – Child Protection Officer

Summer Time Safeguarding
Summer time, and particularly the summer holidays, can be full of hazards and risks to manage.   Here’s a roundup of some resources to help you help your children:

Water Safety
RNLI  https://rnli.org/youth-education/education-resourcesRoSPA https://www.rospa.com/leisure-safety/water/advice/children-young-people/CanalRiverTrust  https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/explorers/water-safety

Beach Safety
Shore Thing (RNLI)  http://shorething.rnli.org/Pages/default.aspx

Sun Safety
Teenage Cancer Trust https://www.teenagecancertrust.org/support-us/spread-word/shunburn-stay-safe-sun?gclid=CPDF4uGD2tQCFdqp7QodjgcFMQ
Cancer Research http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/causes-of-cancer/sun-uv-and-cancer/ways-to-enjoy-the-sun-safely
Skcin (including their school accreditation scheme) http://www.skcin.org/sunSafetyAndPrevention/howToSpotSkinCancer.htm

Railway Safety
Network Rail – Primary school resources https://www.networkrail.co.uk/communities/safety-in-the-community/safety-education/primary-schools-key-stage-1-2/
Network Rail – Secondary school resources https://www.networkrail.co.uk/communities/safety-in-the-community/safety-education/secondary-school-resources/

Keeping safe away from home (NSPCC)  https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/staying-safe-away-from-home/

Protection from sexual abuse
Whilst it’s an uncomfortable thought, parents need to ask questions of any childcare provider, play scheme or holiday centre children’s services, about how they prevent their workers harming a child.  The NSPCC has a useful video about the prevention of sexual abuse in particular and what adults can do to ask organisations about how they keep children safe.   You can watch the video here:  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (NSPCC)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbtSJCw_lqw

Miss L Brammer – Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator

Free Training Opportunity for Professionals/Community Leaders –
Countywide Child Sexual Exploitation project – Chelsea’s Choice
Essex County Council Youth Strategy Groups and partners have jointly commissioned a countywide CSE project for professionals and community leaders working with young people:

They are offering a free training opportunity for Professionals and Community Leaders at a range of locations across the county which will cover the following:

  • Raising Awareness of ‘The Warning Signs of CSE’
  • Raising Awareness of the journey that young people may have been on that has resulted in them being exploited – a journey that can all too easily make it seem as though they have ‘made their own choices’ and can leave them not seeing themselves as victims and fighting against any intervention

If you are interested in this training opportunity follow the link below: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/essex-youth-service-14071229912

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