Weekly News Bulletin: 19 June 2017

Year 7 Wells Parents’ Evening – Thursday 22nd June 2017
The Year 7 Parents’ Evening (Wells) will take place on Thursday 22nd June 2017 from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.​  This involves Tutor Groups 7JMP, 7CC and 7DF.​

This will be an opportunity to discuss your son’s/daughter’s academic progress

​during their first year at HRS.  Students should be making appointments with their teachers and these should be recorded on the relevant page in their planners.  Students are expected to attend the evening with their parents/carers.

Please note that parking is not permitted in the Leisure Centre car park.  There will be spaces in the school car park which can be accessed by turning right at the roundabout at the front of the building.
We look forward to meeting you on this occasion.
​Mr Neal Wilcox – Director of Learning Year 7​

Sixth Form Induction Days
The Sixth Form induction days will take place on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July.  Further information will be sent out shortly.
Mrs D Wright – Head of Sixth Form

Maths Update
Year 11 – The first sitting of the new 9-1 GCSE has now been completed by Year 11 students. We have taught new topics, prepared students by focusing on a myriad of exam papers, worked with many in Maths Cafe after school as well as additional exam practice sessions.   We hope that after all of the effort our students have put in, that they are rewarded with the grades that they have worked so hard for.

Year 10 – THURSDAY 22ND JUNE 2017 – It’s the REAL GCSE Statistics exam
Students should be reading through the Statistics revision guides that we have given out, look at the questions in all of the exam papers that they have practiced and look for key words and values that will help them understand what the question wants them to do.

Please also ensure they read their glossary of terms…what does discrete, primary, pilot survey, bias etc. mean?  Or what are the advantages of face to face interviews v’s questionnaires?  Please also ensure your son/daughter has a calculator ready to calculate Spearman’s rank, standard deviation and standardised scores.

Years 7, 8 & 9 – Please ensure your son/daughter are accessing vle.mathswatch.co.uk to keep up their revision online.
Mr B Birss – Head of Maths

Old Uniform (Year 11 Students – once exams have finished)
We would welcome donations of good quality used uniform, particularly ties.  We have the odd occasion when students rip uniform or spill something over themselves and we are then able to provide them with something else to wear.  Please bring washed items to Student Reception.
Thank you.
Student Reception

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