Weekly News Bulletin: 29 February 2016

Wine Tasting Evening
A wine tasting Evening has been organised for Friday, 4th March at a cost of £15 per person with proceeds going to help fund the Year 11 prom.  The cost of the ticket will include 10 different wines to sample and cheese, crackers, pate and bread.  Further details are available from me.
Mr N Wilcox – Director of Learning Year 11

Exchange Trip to Norway
The Dunmow Rotary Club is offering to Year 11/12/13 students an expenses paid exchange to Norway where they will spend four to five days with a Norwegian family and a young person of their age.  They will get to experience what life is like in the country and take part in activities organised by the host family.  The Norwegian student will then come to Dunmow and have the same experience here with the family of the student who stayed with them.  If your son/daughter is interested, please contact me directly.
Mr N Wilcox – Director of Learning for Year 11

Following the completion of a research project, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has published a new guide for parents about self-harming.  Self-harming affects 10 – 15% of young people, and parents can feel overwhelmed.  The guide has information on topics including understanding self-harm, managing injuries, sources of help and looking after parents’ own needs.

The guide is available at the link below:


Miss L Brammer – Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator

Private Calculator Plus
We have become aware that Students may be using an app called Private Calculator Plus, which appears to be a fully functional normal calculator until you type in your secret password when it then becomes a private storage area where you can hide all your secret photos, videos, notes, passwords, contacts and bookmarks.  You can also access a private internet browser.  These apps are being used to hide inappropriate photos and videos exchanged through sexting.

It would appear that this app is for use with iPhones, but we have found other similar apps available for other operating systems and we would advise that parents/carers familiarise yourselves with these apps by carrying out a google search.

As always we ask that you monitor your child’s internet use on all devices.  Sexting is a growing issue in all schools and we are at times dealing with several issues of this nature a day, sometimes including even the younger children.  We continue to try to educate the students regarding the dangers of sexting and would appreciate your support in monitoring their devices.
Miss L Brammer – Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator

Multi Tribute Show of the Decades with Saul Watts & Jay Hawkins as ‘Recollections’ – Saturday 12th March
A tribute evening with music from the 40’s to the 00’s will be held at HRS on Saturday 12th March from 8pm.  Tickets are available from HRS on 01371 872560 or Brian Hockley on 01279 871181.