Weekly News Bulletin: 14 September 2015

Modern Foreign Languages
We are aware that there are students at HRS who may speak a different language at home.  HRS would like to support these students by entering them for a GCSE qualification in their chosen language.  If your son or daughter is in Year 10 or 11 THIS year and you feel that they would be ready to take a GCSE exam, please contact Mrs N Graves in MFL.  Parents need to be aware that the exam will test Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in the ‘foreign’ language.  We cannot, unfortunately offer tuition, but may be able to put groups of children in contact for mutual support.  Thank you.
Mrs N Graves – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Year 7 Science
During the next two weeks Year 7 students will be assessed in Science by taking a ‘National Sampling for Science’ Key Stage 2 test to provide us with a baseline assessment for each student.  The test will be carried out during a science lesson and will be in the usual classroom/laboratory for that lesson.  Students are not expected to do any special preparation for this assessment.
Mrs L Takle – Science Faculty

PE Colours’ Evenings 2015
There seems to be some confusion over the dates for the PE Colours’ Evenings next week.   Please note the information in the letters sent home is accurate in terms of the dates that were stated.

Just to clarify: Tuesday 15th September is for the current Year 10 and 11 students who were last year’s Year 9 and 10.  Wednesday 16th September is the current Year 8 and 9 students who were last year’s Year 7 and 8.

Students will need to register in the gym at 6.00pm and the evening will commence at 6.30pm in the main hall.  Refreshments provided by the PTA will be available to purchase before the event commences.

Please contact Miss Hiscox in PE if further information is required.
Miss N Hiscox – PE Faculty 

KS3 Science Club
The Science department are re-launching science club this year as an after school club running from 3.15pm to 4.15pm, every Tuesday (starting on 15th September 2015).  It will be open to both Year 7’s and Year 8’s.

We have moved it to after school so that we can focus on projects and work towards CREST awards which are supported by the British Science Association.  These projects will help develop skills in research, investigation, design and scientific communication.  T
he first project will focus around detective work.

If your child is interested, please ask them to register their interest with Miss Mitchell in A015 or the science office.
Miss K Mitchell – Science Faculty

Peripatetic Music Lessons
Lessons for the Autumn term have now begun.  Thank you to those who have paid.  If you have not already done so, please pay via ParentPay, or contact me as outstanding fees are now overdue.
Thank you.
Mrs T Franklin – Music Administrator

Year 13 Meningitis ACWY Vaccinations
Year 13 students were due to have their Meningitis vaccination on 8th (girls) and 14th (boys) October.

Unfortunately, due to a national shortage of the Meningitis ACWY vaccine, the Year 13’s will NOT now have their vaccinations in October.   GPs may refuse to administer the vaccine at a GP surgery due to University students having theirs.

The school vaccinations should be re-scheduled for after Christmas.  Students and parents will be informed of the new dates once we have been notified.
Miss H Ellis – First Aider

HRS PTA Hollywood Ball – Saturday 10th October 2015
The next fundraising event organised by the HRS PTA is a ‘Hollywood Ball’ to be held at the school on Saturday 10th October from 7pm until midnight.

Entertainment will include a live singer and accompanied pianist, disco, licensed bar, raffle and ‘Diamond in a Glass’ competition (diamond kindly donated by G W Blower of Great Dunmow).

Tickets are £40 per person with all profits going to the school.    Tickets are on sale via ParentPay.  Alternatively, ticket requests can be sent into the main office with cheques payable to ‘HRS PTA’.  The deadline for this is Sunday 11th September.
Tracey Fullerton – PTA Chair