Weekly News Bulletin: 6 July 2015

Summer Music Concert
We would like to invite you to our Summer Music Concert on Thursday 16th July
at 7.00pm in the main hall.

Tickets are limited and are available in advance via ParentPay at a cost of £5.00 each on a first come, first served basis.  The PTA will be in attendance and refreshments will be available to purchase before the concert and during the interval.

This is a great opportunity for students in Key Stage 3 to show you what they have been learning in class and for GCSE students to perform in front of a large audience.
Mr P Charalambous – Head of Music

Students at HRS who may speak a different language at home
We are aware that there are students at HRS who may speak a different language at home.  HRS would like to support these students by entering them for a GCSE qualification in their chosen language.  If your son or daughter is in Year 10 or 11 NEXT year and you feel that they would be ready to take a GCSE exam, please contact Mrs N Graves in the MFL department.

Parents need to be aware that the exam will test Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in the ‘foreign’ language.   We cannot, unfortunately offer tuition, but may be able to put groups of children in contact for mutual support. Thank you.
Mrs N Graves – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

ParentPay Information for the Dining Halls Cashless System
Our catering company have changed its cashless system and this will result in accounts not being permitted to go into an overdraft position.  To ensure that your child’s account does not go into deficit we advise you to set up a balance alert on ParentPay using the following steps:

How do I set up alerts?

Make sure you have registered and verified a main mobile number and email address by following these steps:

  1. Login to ParentPay
  2. Click ‘View/edit your profile’
  3. In the Email addresses section check you have entered the email address correctly and edit if required
  4. Then click the ‘Send verification email’ link
  5. Check your emails, and click the link included in the verification email to verify your email address

To set up alerts follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ParentPay account
  2. Click the ‘Communications’ tab
  3. Then click ‘Change alert settings’ – from here you can choose to receive email or SMS alerts
  4. You will need to enter the threshold for balance alerts.  For example, if you enter £2.00 as the threshold for Low Balance Reminders you receive an email / SMS alert when your child’s balance drops below £2.00.  You will need to enter your mobile number to receive alerts

Finance Department

Nude Selfies
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) have launched a new series of four short animated films called ‘Nude Selfies: What Parents and Carers Need to Know’.  These offer advice on how to help keep your children safe from the risks associated with sharing nude and nearly nude images.

The films aim to help parents and carers:

  • Understand young people’s motivations for sending nude selfies.
  • Plan to respond positively and constructively to an incident in which their child has shared a nude selfie.
  • Gain confidence and skills in initiating preventative conversations.
  • Identify risky behaviours or situations and know where to seek help. Know how to get help if a child is at risk after sharing an image.

The films can be found on the Think u Know website under the parents and carers section at the following link: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ 

Please take the time to look at these films and follow the advice given.  This is an issue which is continuing to increase in all schools across all age groups, sadly, including primary age children.
Miss L Brammer – Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator