Weekly News Bulletin: 1 June 2015

For Parents of Year 7 Students
At the beginning of next term the Modern Foreign Languages faculty will start to look at the setting arrangements for Year 7 into Year 8.  The faculty will offer a number of places to the most able students to continue with two languages.  This is part of the ‘stretch and challenge’ policy as those students will be continuing with two languages in the same time allocation as now i.e. three lessons of each language per fortnight. However, ALL students will be asked to give a preference so that, for the remaining students we can try to accommodate their preferences.

Please speak to your child about their decision and the reasons for making it.  It is one of the first decisions they will make which will have consequences later in school.  They will only be able to continue as a GCSE option, a language which has been studied in Year 8. Single linguists will study their chosen language for six lessons per fortnight.
Mrs Graves – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Year 10 and 11 English Literature Students
If your child has recently sat their GCSE English Literature exam and did not hand in their English Literature novels after the exam, please ask them to do so as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Miss V Cheyne – Head of English