Weekly News Bulletin: 4 May 2015

Rewards Trips Criteria – 2014-15
The criteria for eligibility to this year’s rewards trips will be calculated on Friday 22nd May by looking at students’ behaviour points, attendance and effort grades.

Confirmations will then be sent out via e-mail for students to select the trip they wish to attend.  The trips will take place on Monday 20th July.

We have changed the way in which the DoLs will assess a student’s eligibility this year in response to points that parents and students have raised in previous years. Students will still be required to have more credits than behaviour points and no more than 50 behaviour points.  Then students will need to achieve 95% attendance or have consistently good effort grades on their most recent progress check.
Mr S Emberton – Assistant Headteacher 

Preparation for the Year 7 Science exam week beginning 11th May
All students have been given a list of topics which the classes have covered and may be on the Science exam.  Copies of the revision list can also be found on the VLE in School Spaces: Science Key Stage 3 folder.

Students should use their own exercise books and other resources such as KS3 revision guides, revision websites such as BBC Bitesize etc.

Students need to bring a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and calculator to the exam.
Mrs L Takle – KS3 Science Coordinator

Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Expectations
The School is committed to high, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling expectations.  With this in mind, all Year 7’s have been issued with a ‘Subject Spelling’ booklet, which is to be kept in their planners.  They have already labelled each column so if they have spelt a key subject word incorrectly, which will be identified in the margin with ‘sp’, they are to write the correct spelling under the specific subject.  They will then be able to review their spelling errors and practise them at home.

Please could you support us by checking your son/daughter’s booklet and testing them.  I will be reviewing the booklets on a regular basis to ensure spellings have been secured.
Thanking you for your continued support.
Mrs A Turner – Literacy Coordinator

Cheer and Tumbling Taster Session – Advanced Notice: CHANGE OF DATE
‘Oblivion Allstars’ come to HRS.
Come and join in a fun taster session, no previous experience needed.
In the Sports Centre Gym, Thursday 14th May 3.20pm-4.30pm.
Please wear HRS PE kit.
See Mrs Judd/Miss Hiscox to sign up.
Mrs L Judd – Head of Dance