Weekly News Bulletin: 9 February 2015

Sponsored Children
For a number of years now, the MFL faculty has supported two children through Plan International.  Rudi (Spanish) lives in Guatemala and Ramata (French) lives in Senegal.

Each February the Year 7 students complete a sponsored spell in their two languages to help raise money for these children and the communities in which they live.  During the next few weeks your son/daughter will bring home a sponsor form and some spellings to learn.  Please make this venture a success by encouraging them to get sponsors and learn their spellings.

Any amount raised, however small, will make a huge difference to Rudi and Ramata.
Thank you!
Mrs N Graves – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

To all Parents of Year 8 students
To support your children with their Option choices this term and as part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver at The Helena Romanes School, your child will have access to New Kudos.

This is an interactive careers guidance website from CASCAID.  The students will be introduced to this programme in one of their PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) lessons.

New Kudos is accessible online and we encourage the use of it at home to involve parents with the important decisions your child has to make about their future options.

New Kudos will help your child to assess their interests and skills, as well as letting them explore and research different education and career options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future.

To access the programme please visit www.cascaid.co.uk/newkudos and click on the log in button, your child can then log in using the access details given to them by their teacher.  To view the Parents’ Guide please visit www.cascaid.co.uk/support.  The Guide will be available to download under the Product Support Resources section.

At The Helena Romanes School our aim is to ensure that all students have the resources to fully explore and research their future options in order to make informed choices.  We hope that you find New Kudos useful and informative.
Mrs P Abbott – Careers Coordinator