Weekly News Bulletin: 1 December 2014

New School Closure Procedure
Please be aware that in the event of school closure for example, through bad weather, local radio stations will no longer announce school closures.  Instead parents will be able to see the full list of closures on the Essex County Council website. The page can be accessed using the following link and path: http://www.essex.gov.uk/Education-Schools/Schools/Dates/Pages/Emergency-School-Closures.aspx

In order to find this please go to the Essex County Council’s homepage at www.essex.gov.uk, and search for Emergency School Closures or click in to the Education and Schools area, click Schools, click Dates and click Emergency Closures.

The Emergency Closures page will update as and when notifications are received, therefore it is recommended to continue to check or refresh the page.   As in previous years we will continue to also inform parents via our school website.
Mrs C Weston – PA Mr S Knight

Year 8 Lukin Parents’ Evening
Please may I remind Year 8 parents that the Year 8 Lukin Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 4th December 2014.  (Tutor Groups LT, LVC, SY, MD).

Students will be making their Option choices for Year 9 in March next year and this will be an important opportunity to speak to subject teachers about your son’s/daughter’s academic progress.  The students should be making appointments with all their teachers and these will be recorded on the relevant page in their Planner. Students are encouraged to attend the evening with their parents/carers.

Please note that parking is not permitted in the Leisure Centre car park. There will be spaces in the school car park which can be accessed by turning right at the roundabout at the front of the building.  The PTA committee will be providing refreshments for which there will be a small charge.

A copy of the invitation and reply slip is available on the school website.
We look forward to meeting you at this event.
Miss A Fisher – Director of Learning for Year 8

Staff Emails and Cloudbase
Please be aware that our school has now changed over to gmail so all of our email addresses have changed.  If you need to contact enquiries please email enquiries@hrs.education or if you need to contact an individual member of staff please replace ‘helena-romanes.essex.sch.uk’ with ‘hrs.education’ after their name.  Please also be aware that Cloudbase is no longer in use and has been removed from the school website in preparation of the new VLE system that is imminent.   A letter will be sent home to parents with details about how to access this new system over the next week.
Mr N Foster – Assistant Headteacher

Christmas Music Concert
Our Christmas Music Concert will take place on Thursday, 18th December at 7.00pm.

Students from all years will be showcasing their talents so please come and join us for a festive evening full of musical entertainment.  The PTA will be selling refreshments and running a licensed bar throughout the evening.

Tickets, priced at £3.00, may be purchased online via ParentPay.  This year we will not be issuing paper tickets so please print your online receipt and bring it to the concert as proof of purchase.
Mr P Charalambous – Head of Music

An Important Message from the Designation Child Protection Officer
Please click on the link below to see this week’s news story regarding a 14 year old boy murdered in Essex by a 19 year old internet predator, earlier in the year.  This is a tragic example of the importance of monitoring your children’s internet usage, including, in this case, who they are talking to when gaming on line.  It also exemplifies the fact that internet predators aren’t all older adults – they are often young adults.  The boy had been groomed whilst taking part in online gaming.  Children should only be talking online/gaming sites to people they know in the real world.

This case also highlights broader safety issues of knowing where your children are going when they go out, however embarrassing your checks may seem to them.  It is unlikely they will tell you the truth if they are going off to meet “a friend” they have made online – again, what happened in this case.


Please discuss the case with your children and make sure they understand the dangers in order to reinforce what we are teaching them at school.
Miss L Brammer – Designated Child Protection Co-ordinator

HRS/The Giving Machine
HRS has joined TheGivingMachine which allows you to generate cash donations for our school without costing you a penny.  There are nearly 6,000 schools & charities taking part in this scheme, with the successful schools raising £1,000’s every year at no extra cost to parents!

The Giving Machine is a not for profit social enterprise whose sole aim is to raise money for UK schools and charities.  Shopping online via TheGivingMachine at your favourite shops will generate a free cash donation with every single purchase.  With stores like Amazon, Ebay, M&S, Next, Tesco, Sainsbury and John Lewis taking part with hundreds more, you are bound to find what you want from your favourite shops at TheGivingMachine.

Please join our new giving community by visiting http://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk and choosing HRS as your beneficiary school.  They only require your name, e-mail address and a password for you to become a giver.  Then when you want to shop online, first go to www.thegivingmachine.co.uk and then you can click through to the website you want to shop at, it is as simple as that.  For every £1 you spend on these sites, they give a percentage donation to our school at no extra cost to you.

With Christmas coming up and us spending more and more with online companies, it is an ideal time to roll this out to staff and parents.

I have attached a couple of posters with further information.  It is estimated an active online shopper could bring in £3 a month in donation for their chosen school, so this could be a really good way of raising money and making a real difference to our school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you.
Mrs A Westcott – Finance Officer

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